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Sex trafficking is an incredibly huge business, and it hurts so many people in so many ways. Whether human traffickers force their human trafficking victims into forced labor, marriage, sexual activity, or something else, there is simply no excuse for them to engage in this immoral criminal activity. Because of them, a need exists for people to hire an investigator.

Both families and friends of loved ones who have become victims, as well as people the government has accused of sex trafficking, seek to hire the best detective from the best private investigation agency in OKC. Both families and friends of these victims and those accused of it are seeking to alleviate the stress and discomfort of their present situations with experienced experts who know how to help.

The families and friends of victims want to hire an expert to locate missing persons by helping to find victims on their behalf. These family and friends want their family members/friends back quickly, because the longer their family members/friends remain victims, the less likely it is that they will ever make it back home safely. 😊

Likewise, those the government has accused of sex trafficking want to hire the best human trafficking private detective. Whether innocent or guilty, these accused criminals need to enlist the assistance of a criminal defense attorney, a bail bondsman, and a sex trafficking private investigator as part of a comprehensive criminal defense team. 😊

Because so many people have a plethora of questions about sex trafficking private investigators from private detective agencies in OKC that conduct human trafficking investigations and sex trafficking investigations, the owners of our private investigation agency in Moore put together this series of questions and answers to help answer any questions they might have in these Human Trafficking Private Investigations & Sex Crimes Private Investigations FAQs. These questions and their accompanying answers are as follows:


Human trafficking constitutes any type of fraud, coercion, or any act of force to make other humans perform labor or sexual acts. It can also involve forced marriages.

It occurs when one person sexually exploits another by forcing her/him/them to engage in sexual activity of any kind, usually for financial profit, property gain, or to gain some service or advantage for the pimp/sex trafficker. It often involves the transportation of its victims from one city, state, province, or even one country to another, but such transportation need not occur to qualify the sexual exploitation as sex trafficking. Sex trafficking is a form of human trafficking.

The top 5 countries with the largest number of victims are as follows:

  • India
  • China
  • Pakistan
  • Indonesia
  • Bangladesh
  • Cambodia is also ranked very highly for the number of human trafficking victims.

Regardless of the number, many people have the need to hire experts on their behalf. Whether the families and friends of human trafficking victims or accused sex traffickers fighting for their legal lives and freedom in the courts, when you have a need to hire a professional, you should contact the best human trafficking investigators at our private investigation agency today for more information and details. 😊

They have many ways to conduct it. Some of the main ways they conduct human trafficking private investigations include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Conducting Surveillance
  • Speaking With People
  • Taking Photos & Video Footage
  • Questioning Individuals
  • Collecting Evidence
  • Collecting Evidence
  • Serving as a Witness to Questionable Activities, While Going Door-to-Door

If you need an expert for this job, then please contact us today for more information. 😊

They do it using many of the same tactics used for other forms of human trafficking private investigations. Indeed, sex trafficking is a form of human trafficking, and our human trafficking detectives conduct human trafficking private investigations to help solve such crimes cases. 😊

They will seek out their victims wherever there is a large pool of vulnerable people. These locations might include but are not limited to, malls, bus stations, schools, video game consoles, chat rooms, social media, and homeless shelters. Why is this? It is because vulnerable individuals make the best victims for them because they are the easiest targets. ☹

Human trafficking is a very complex matter, and most of them operate on the down low, so they are not as easily out in the open for everyone to see. Any good official will tell you that due to these criminals’ charm and manipulation, most victims blame themselves instead of their human traffickers. Indeed, many victims blame themselves and see them as family and “good people” who are just trying to “help” them, not even bothering to report the crime to authorities.

There is no “typical” profile of them. Indeed, our investigators will tell you they span all national origins, races, ages, socioeconomic statuses, etc., just as their victims do. Indeed, they might even be the friend, family member, employer, or significant other of their target. They often use their positions and power over their prey to keep control of and power over them.

That being said, there are a few qualities of sex traffickers which are slightly more common. About 2/3s of them tend to be men as compared to women or non-binary persons, and their average age is about 29. Once again though, sex traffickers of every age and gender exist, so you cannot assume anything about those statistics.

If your family member or friend has become the prey or if the government has accused you of it, then you need to hire the best detective from the best private detective agency today to conduct investigations for you. For both victims and accused defendants who are in the legal fight of their lives, time is truly of the essence. Contact an experienced individual from our private investigation agency today to conduct investigations on your behalf.

California has always had the highest rates of human trafficking in the United States. However, there is an official list of states with the highest rates, that is accurate as of the date of publication of this writing, and are as follows:

  1. Mississippi
  2. Nevada
  3. Washington, D.C.
  4. Missouri
  5. Nebraska
  6. California
  7. Florida
  8. Arkansas
  9. Texas
  10. Oregon

This does not mean that the states above are “bad” to live in. Indeed, Oregon is one of the best states in the USA, especially compared to a state like Mississippi which is full of rednecks and bigots.

Three types of tactics that they use against their prey include making threats against their loved ones and friends, emotionally and psychologically intimidating them, and by exploiting and manipulating them. Of course, any decent, experienced official will tell you that they have a ton of tricks up their sleeves to lure their prey.

According to our licensed staff, there are a lot of ways to spot them. Some of the most common visible signs that a person is a victim include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The individual lives with her/his/their boss.
  • The business owners have possession of all the worker’s governmental documents/identification documents.
  • The person appears to be very submissive or afraid.
  • The person has very bad living conditions.
  • The individual is a minor and is already engaged in prostitution.
  • The person is never able to speak by himself/herself/themselves.
  • The victim receives very little or no pay.
  • Every answer the person gives looks and sounds very practiced as if following a pre-approved script.
  • He/She exhibits clear signs of physical, emotional, and/or sexual abuse.
  • You find many people living and/or working together in very tight quarters.

As noted above, these are just some of the most easily recognizable indicators of human trafficking. Our investigators at our best private detective agency are very adept at conducting investigations and know these indicators of possible sex trafficking victims all too well.

Any experienced agent will tell you that there is no one “type” of person that perpetrators seek out as their victims. There are some common factors that many of them have in common. These commonly associated factors of victims are as follows:

  • Racial, Ethnic, Gender, & Sexuality Minorities
  • Individuals Who are Economically Insecure/Housing Insecure
  • Minors, Especially Those Without Parents/Kids in the Foster System, Housing & Economically Insecure Kids
  • Victims of Domestic Violence, Physical Violence, Sexual Violence, Emotional Abuse, Etc
  • Persons With Disabilities
  • Persons Fleeing Violence/Wars
  • Victims of Natural Disasters
  • Persons Experiencing Famines
  • Former Victims of Sex Trafficking & Human Trafficking
  • Persons With Little to No Formal Education
  • Any Gender, But Especially Women
  • Persons Experiencing the Woes of a Terrible Economy
  • Children & Adults With Little to No Support Systems/Familial Support
  • Any Other Vulnerable, Disadvantaged Populations

As stated earlier, the list above is just a partial list of common factors that many victims share. If you know any persons who fit any of the common factors that victims share as noted above or if the government has accused you of sex trafficking crimes, then you need to hire the best human trafficking private investigator from the best private investigation agency in Guthrie, Oklahoma to investigations on your behalf. 😊


There are several indicators that might point to a sex trafficker grooming you or someone you know and love. Our detectives have listed several of the most common indicators that someone is attempting to groom you or someone you know to get them into human trafficking and/or sex trafficking. These possible indicators are listed as follows:

  • The Person Suddenly Has Routine, Excessive Absences From School, Place of Employment, & Other Miscellaneous Activities.
  • The Human Trafficking Victim Begins Receiving Tons of Miscellaneous Gifts & Services
  • The Individual Begins Having New Friends/Making Other Friends & Not Spending Much, if Any, Time With Current Friends & Family.
  • The Sex Trafficking Victim Experiences a Huge Change in Her/His/Their Behavior.
  • The Victim Begins to Disconnect From Other People/Friends/Family/Activities.

According to our professional staff, the items above are some of the most common indicators that someone is grooming another person to become prey. If you see any of these signs in another individual or in yourself, please contact us today for help and information. 😊

To hire the best agent, it will cost you a fairly substantial amount of money. Why is this? There are clear reasons why it costs so much to investigate on your behalf. It will cost you thousands of dollars. You will likely pay $5,000-$10,000 or more to get started.

This cost is so expensive because the degree of training and experience to do them properly takes highly specialized individuals. Not everyone is trained and educated with the experience needed to do such a job. The best detectives are at a whole different level than these special investigators who only conduct sex trafficking investigations.

To hire the best professional, please contact a licensed detective from our private investigation agency in El Reno today for more information.

To become a certified agent, you must first become licensed as a private investigator in Oklahoma at a private investigation agency. Then you may obtain your certification as an NICCS Board Certified Human Trafficking Investigator (CHTI). To start the process and become licensed as one, please complete the following steps:

Once you have received your license and work at a private investigation agency in Oklahoma City, you will be able to complete the coursework and subsequently to apply for your certification as a NICCS Board Certified Human Trafficking Investigator (CHTI). There are a few education/experience requirements listed on that page, so be sure you first meet those requirements before you enroll in the coursework.

Working as a board-certified human trafficking private investigator and sex trafficking private detective from a private investigation agency in Norman, OK that conducts sex trafficking private investigations can be extremely challenging, heartbreaking, and yet also satisfying because you have the rare opportunity to make an extremely significant difference in the lives of both families and friends of human trafficking victims and sex trafficking victims and those the government has accused of committing sex trafficking crimes and human trafficking crimes. If you need to hire an expert, then please contact one of our detectives at our private detective agency today for more information. 😊

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