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Urban Myths About What Do Private Detectives Do

Ordinary citizens do not have to have vast knowledge about what a private detective can do. However, it would be nice if they knew the basics. In our sector we do not spy but investigate. Our professional activity is protected and legalized by the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma legal system.

Apart from our regulations, the one that controls and monitors us is the Private Security Law. With all this, we have the power to conduct research. Of course, they are only from the private sector and never from the public.

Work Ethics

Not all private detective agencies in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma work effectively and professionally. That is why it is important to choose a good agency. We do not install microphones to listen to conversations, nor do we put cameras under the bed. We also never force third parties to liaise with our investigators.

These myths have done a lot of damage to our profession. it’s even worse when you hear that we violate rights or do illegal things. Our profession is as dignified as others. We only find out the dirty business that people want to hide. If an employee claims to be on sick leave, we can investigate if they are really sick or just making an excuse to not come to work.

What do we do as private investigators?

The work of a private detective is quite vast – we get proof, information, personal data or anything that our client wants us to find out. Of course, we do all of this while abiding the law. If we have to look for the location of a person, we go to the places where he has lived or worked. We collect data, do interviews with neighbors and former co-workers. We essentially solve such cases like a puzzle.

In the follow-ups, we get to know what he does, what his movements are and with whom he hangs out with. We get recordings of everything that can help us do our job. At the end of the day, we prepare a comprehensive report that we show to our clients explaining every detail of the case.

We carry out research in different fields, such as labor, business, family and forensics. We provide digital evidence that can help our clients. In most cases, we end up in court ratifying our reports. We demonstrate facts or behaviors with evidences that would otherwise be impossible to prove.

Is it the same as in the movies?

Many people ask this question. Professional detectives have nothing to do with the stereotypes in the movies. On the contrary, it’s usually easy since most citizens don’t suspect that they may be under investigation. We move like anyone on the street. We don’t hide among hedges or planters. We try to stay concealed.

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