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What Makes a Private Investigation Different than a Police Investigation

Both private investigator and a police officer are law enforcement officials but the way they work is diverse and distinct from each other. The purpose of the investigations can be more or less similar but the context and nature are different. Each plays a different role and here are the main differences between a private detective and a police detective duty.

Different Investigative Methods

A private investigator in Oklahoma City uses different investigative methods than a state-funded police detective. The professional aspects of a private investigating officer are to find facts and get a clue about missing people. They usually help find clues related to financial or any other personal matters. On the other hand, a police detective will work on a case assigned to them by the precinct they are working at. They have to build a strong case against the alleged criminal.

Legal Authority

A private investigator in OKC or any other state will have limited legal authority. They don’t have the right to arrest anyone or hold someone in custody. Private detective cannot force someone to make a confession. Although the evidence gathered through a private investigator in various cases can help a case but legally the investigation and the proof has no legal implication. Police detectives, on the other hand, has the legal authority to arrest people, gather evidence and record confessions from alleged suspects.

The Nature of the Cases and Investigation

The nature of the cases handled by a police detective is very distinct when compared with the cases a private detective gets. Police investigations are usually based on solving criminal offences and crimes. While a private investigative officer will look into criminal matters along with digging deeper into the personal lives of the alleged criminal and those around the individual. The private investigator will help with:

  1. Divorce cases
  2. Financial fraud
  3. Missing people
  4. Insurance fraud
  5. Infidelity

Most of the aforementioned investigation cases are personal in nature, people who want to find some facts about their partners or anyone they doubt will usually hire a private investigator in Oklahoma City.

Resources at Disposal

The police department is funded by taxpayers’ money, which considerably limits their budget needed for investigations. They have to work with limited resources. On top of that police investigating officers are loaded with complex cases to investigate in a limited time so it’s probable that they are overworked and stressed. On the other hand, a private investigator in OKC will have plenty of resources their disposal since some clients to pay for any other services they would need in fact-finding.

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