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When people talk about hiring a private investigator, it leaves most with an image of Sam Spade or Humphrey Bogart. That private investigators are people in a fedora and people who talk with their fists. However, a modern PI is pretty tech-savvy and more likely to mine data instead of protecting damsels.

Here are some continued reasons why you would want to hire a private investigator (part 2).


As much as we hate it, we cannot ignore the fact that spouses tend to hide assets in the buildup to a separation. They are so angry that they decide their spouse does not deserve any part of the assets. The law takes a dim view of this particular behavior but can’t really do much about it without strong evidence. If your ex quietly moves money offshore, it is highly unlikely that anyone would tell you.

You can always hire a private investigator if you believe your ex-partner is hiding assets. A good private investigator can look into this matter, track down storage units, find digital footprints for hidden assets, and even look into the suspect’s family.


Another place where private investigators play a huge role in our lives is looking into a potential business partner or hiring someone as a new employee. When any business’s financial health is at stake, any entrepreneur will hire a private investigator for a background check.


Modern business landscapes are not always friendly. While it may be illegal, corporate spying is alive and well. Of course, big corporations are not the only ones with sensitive data that needs to be protected. Lawyers, doctors, mental health professionals, and more all deal with sensitive information regularly.

While many people will never face a bug problem in their offices, high-profile clients can make you a target. Suppose someone bugged your office; you can always get a PI who understands counter surveillance.

So, if you require a private investigator, Keefe Private Investigations is just the right place for you. We are a professional service provider, and our prime objective is to offload all our clients’ worries and assure that they leave the case on us!

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