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Caution! Telephone scammers

Today everyone has a mobile phone and it would be strange if the criminal elements did not start using modern communications for their criminal purposes. Our private detective agency in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is increasingly turning to customers who have lost their money after talking with scammers over the phone.

There are a lot of ways to cheat on the phone and every year the inventiveness and technical savvy of attackers is growing. We will talk about three main methods of security over the phone, which private detectives regularly encounter in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

1. Call from a hidden number

Most often, older people are deceived in this way. Calling from a hidden number, the crooks pretend to be a law enforcement officer and say that a close relative was in trouble: he shot down a man to death, got into a drunken fight or got into drugs. The issue can be resolved financially and for this it is necessary to transfer a certain amount to the investigator. Criminals act cynically and assertively, not allowing the victim to come to his senses, and therefore often succeed.

In order to avoid becoming a victim of such a “scam”, private detectives of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma recommend not picking up the phone if they are calling from an unfamiliar number, and always check the information received from third parties. Before you do anything, contact the person who is said to be in trouble – we are sure that in 99% of cases, everything is fine with him.

2. Call from a familiar number

Some virtuoso scammers use special SIM cards to duplicate an existing number and use it freely. In this case, the offender calls the relatives of the owner of the room and in a slurred voice tells that he is in trouble and asks to transfer money. The most common legends about beating followed by hospitalization or traffic accidents. A quiet, illegible voice that cannot be accurately identified is allegedly a result of injuries.

It’s easy to figure out scammers – you need to hang up and call back. In the opposite direction, the technical trick does not work and you will get to the real owner of the phone number.

3. Call from the bank

An attacker calls the phone number of a potential victim and pretends to be a bank employee. He talks about the attempt to withdraw money from the card and it was automatically blocked. To remove this lock, the bank’s fake manager asks for a card expiration date and a three-digit CVV code. Usually scammers already know the card number itself – it’s easy if you use it for commercial purposes.

In this case, hang up immediately. Private detective agency in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma warns that transferring someone your PIN code from a bank card, CVV number and any other information is strictly prohibited. A bank employee does not need to be interested in these details and financial institution managers will never ask them.

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