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Divorce Private Investigator FAQs

We all wish that all marriages would last forever, but sometimes this simply is not the case. When marriages go wrong, it can cause both the couple and any kids and other relatives from the marriage to suffer. When this happens, our clients hire divorce and infidelity private investigators from our private investigation agency in OKC to conduct divorce and adultery private investigations on their behalf. They specialize in it.

To help streamline the process and make it easier for people seeking to hire them, the owners of our private investigation agency have put together a series of Divorce Private Investigator FAQs. These questions are intended to help answer common questions many potential and current divorce private investigations clients have and need to be answered. The questions and their accompanying answers for these Divorce Private Investigator FAQs are as follows:

He is someone who conducts investigations on behalf of a couple that is divorcing or has divorced, as well as on behalf of parents and legal guardians of children. They are also known as unfaithful spouse investigators and child custody private investigators. Mostly our adultery and parental kidnapping detectives from our private investigation agency solve private investigations involving marital infidelity, child custody, and parental kidnapping private investigations.

If you or someone you love and care about are going through a divorce, are experiencing infidelity in your marriage, or are having child custody issues, then you need to hire the best person or should hire the best one right away. You do not want him for the other side. So, hire an expert now and get the best legal professionals working hard on your behalf! 

As mentioned earlier, there are many reasons why our clients choose to hire one on their behalf. The most common reasons why our clients hire one are as follows:

  1. Cheating Spouse Private Investigations – It helps catch cheaters or possible cheaters in the act! Marital infidelity can be atrociously hard and completely devastating, but our professionals help take the guesswork out of it and help you find the truth!
  2. Child Custody Private Investigations – All too often, children quickly become the worst casualties and “collateral damage” when parents divorce. Caught right in the middle and often used as pawns during ongoing battles and confrontations between dueling parents. Some parents expose their kids to inappropriate things, abuse them, hang around convicted sex offenders, or even engage in parental kidnapping! ☹ When this happens, you need to hire a specialist to assist you. Hire one today to assist you with all your child custody and divorce cases needs. 😊
  3. Parental Kidnapping Private Investigations – Has the other parent or legal guardian snatched your kids in violation of a standing child custody order and taken off with them? If so, this is never okay and you need to hire an expert on your behalf. You do not want to waste time and need to hire the best agent to conduct investigations on your behalf. 😊
  4. Nationwide Skip Traces – If someone has gone missing, such as a spouse you are trying to serve with court papers or someone who has kidnapped your children, then our skip tracers can conduct nationwide skip trace services to help locate missing persons on your behalf. Our service is second to none. Hire an expert now to conduct skip tracing on your behalf.
  5. Nationwide Criminal Background Checks – Need to do a background check on your spouse or someone your ex-spouse is bringing around your children? Our skip tracers and child custody detectives are perfect for the job! 😊 Fast, extremely intelligent, and experienced, they can pull up both criminal and civil records on just about anyone, anywhere, nationwide! 😊

If you are looking to hire one, then please contact one of the licensed individuals today for further assistance. 😊

  1. License Plate Checks – During the course of our child custody, divorce, and adultery private investigations, our detectives sometimes locate mysteriously suspicious vehicles that require them to determine to whom the vehicle is registered. It could be someone one of the spouses is cheating with, or perhaps it is an individual one parent or legal guardian is bringing around the kids. What is the name of the person, and where does the person live? These are all questions that our investigators can work hard to discover with a license plate check.

If he still needs more information after running the license plate check on the individual, then she/he/they can easily perform a skip trace service or can conduct a nationwide criminal background report on virtually any adult in the United States to find additional information on the person of interest (POI).

  1. Social Media Scans/Deep Internet Searches – Social media scans/deep Internet searches often tell us what civil and criminal background checks do not. These special social media scans/deep Internet searches can often pull up any public posts the person of interest (POI) has made or about whom others have made public posts. The same social media scans/deep Internet searches will also pull up news stories about the POI. Social media scans/deep Internet searches complement civil and criminal background checks as a clever way to help fill in the missing informational gaps.
  2. Post Office Box Checks/Forwarded Mail ChecksSometimes when people move and a skip trace service does not pull up a new address for them, a mail forwarding check is to see if they forwarded their mail from their old address to a new one can prove very beneficial in helping to locate a missing person you are trying to find. Likewise, when a skip trace pulls up only a post office box and not a physical address, they can also run a post office box check to find out what physical address is associated with the post office box.

Only our licensed officials have access to this confidential information. Persons who are not parental kidnapping and adultery private investigators, or process servers do not have access to this kind of protected information. Thus, if you need to locate someone with a post office box check or mail forwarding check, then please contact a missing persons private investigator or divorce private investigator from our private investigation agency near me today for more information and results. 😊

  1. Testimony in the Courtroom & DHS Child Custody Hearings – In the event you need to hire one to testify in the courtroom and during the Department of Human Services (DHS) hearings about cases they have worked on your behalf, it can be done! 😊 They are extremely adept at providing professional courtroom and DHS custody hearing testimony. Hire the best agent today! 😊

These are just some of the many services that our private investigators can conduct on behalf of our clients. They are top-notch and second to none. Hire them today for the best results possible! 😊

Why do people choose to hire a divorce investigator from a private investigation agency to conduct divorce investigations?

As mentioned earlier, our clients often do so because they are going through a divorce, are married or in an otherwise committed relationship but suspect infidelity, and/or have ongoing child custody issues with the other custodial parent or legal guardian. When this happens, our clients insist upon the right to hire an agent to find the information and obtain the legal results they need.

Whether you are going through a child custody battle, a bitter divorce, or are worried about possible marital infidelity, your choice to hire a private detective can benefit you significantly. Put the power of the law on your side by choosing to hire the best private investigation agency in OKC now. 😊

Whenever an expert is conducting infidelity private investigations on your behalf, there will be certain information she/he/they will need to first obtain to better assist you. For a cheating spouse case, he will require the following information:

For Surveillance:

  • The name of your spouse/partner
  • The home and residential addresses where your spouse/partner lives/works
  • Pictures of your spouse/partner for identification purposes
  • Photographs of the vehicle and vehicle’s license plate that your spouse/partner drives
  • Names and locations of favorite hangouts of your spouse/partner
  • Your spouse’s/partner’s work schedule
  • All the above information for anyone you suspect your spouse/partner might be cheating with, if known
  • The dates and times you want our professionals to conduct surveillance on your spouse/partner.
  • A clear, written statement of everything you want us to do and why, including any suspected incidences of marital infidelity/adultery.

For Catfishing:

  • The social media profiles of your spouse/partner
  • Any suspected romantic and/or sex apps/sites you suspect your spouse/partner may already have created sex/romance profiles on or upon which she/he/they is/are most likely to do so.
  • A clear description of the “type” of woman, man, or non-binary individual your spouse/partner would be most attracted to, such as age, race, height, weight, hair color, breast/groin features, etc.

Skip Trace Service, Social Media Scans/Deep Internet Searches, and Criminal Background Checks:

Our skip tracers kindly request that you include as much of the following information as you have about the person of interest (POI), knowing you may very well not have all of it:

  • POI’s Full Legal Name
  • Date of Birth, Year of Birth, or Age Range
  • Social Security Number or the Last 4 Digits of it
  • Current/Previous Phone Numbers
  • Current/Previous E-mail Addresses
  • Current/Previous Home/Business Addresses + Dates at the Addresses, if Known
  • Current/Previous Driver’s License Numbers
  • Social Media Links
  • Race
  • Usernames on Social Media Profiles/Apps/URLs

Child Custody Private Investigations

For such cases, they hereby request the following information that is helpful when solving these cases:

  • Names, Ages, Home/Work/School Addresses, and Photographs of All the Children
  • Names, Residential/Work Addresses, and Photographs of the Adults Who are Around the Kids
  • Photographs of All Vehicles And Accompanying License Plates in Which the Kids are Transported/Drive
  • Children’s School Schedule & Name
  • Adults’ Work Schedules, if Known
  • Dates and Times You Want Our agent to Conduct Surveillance
  • A Clear Written Explanation of What You Want Our Licensed Official to do and Why
  • A Written Explanation of Any Suspected/Known Child Abuse/Neglect by Any of the Kids/Adults, Including Dates and Number of Known And Suspected Incidences
  • Copies of All Victim Protection Orders (VPOs), Child Custody Agreements, Court Orders, Etc.

License Plate Checks:

  • The License Plate Number of the Tag and State of Registration for the Vehicle You Want Our Investigator at Our Private Investigation Agency to Run.
  • Please Include the VIN Number, as Well as the Make, Model, and Year of the Vehicle, if Known

As noted earlier, he can conduct all kinds of inquiries on behalf of our clients. If you or someone you know requires their services, please contact one of the owners of our private investigation agency in Oklahoma today for more information. 😊

As previously stated above, they have many ways to catch cheaters cheating and engaging in adultery. From surveillance to catfishing to other methods of investigation, they are extremely adept at what they do and stand ready and willing to assist people in need of this.

To recap, our detectives can perform the following services during their investigations:

If you or someone you know needs or wishes to hire one to solve your case, then please contact one of the owners of our private detective agency today for more information.

Yes, they do it on a very regular basis. Our experts in Oklahoma are more than happy to help you. As a women-owned private investigation agency, our professionals take these cases very seriously.

Yes, they have many ways to help locate missing children. Some of the most common methods they utilize to find abducted children are as follow:

  • Surveillance – They use surveillance to follow persons of interest (POIs) around to see what they are doing, when they are doing it, and whom they are with. To locate missing on3w, the POIs that our licensed detectives are conducting surveillance on might very well lead them directly to the location of the children in question. It is one of many invaluable tools that they utilize as part of their investigations.
  • License Plate Checks – Sometimes they need to know who owns a particular vehicle and where that person lives. Our licensed officials receive special access to this privileged information, due to their special licensing. Other everyday persons do not get access to the vehicle owners’ names and address information, because they have had special training and background checks.
  • Nationwide Skip Tracing – One of the fastest and cheapest ways to locate a missing person is via a skip trace. Our skip tracing service is fast, easy, and usually very reliable. Our skip tracers get a few bits of information from our clients and then enter it into their special system to help to do this job.
  • Nationwide Criminal Background Checks – When the criminal and civil backgrounds of people come into question or need confirmation, our skip tracers have a ton of experience in ciphering through the information to compile these reports for their clients. This information can prove to be very useful and can greatly benefit persons in need of criminal and civil background information on others. 😊
  • Post Office Box Checks/Mail Forwarding RequestsSometimes you need to locate someone, and all you have is a post office box number or old address. The United States Postal Service (USPS) grants our process servers and private investigators in Oklahoma special access to the physical addresses associated with post office boxes, as well as the address someone has made a formal forwarding mail request to the post office for.
  • Social Media Scans/Deep Internet Searches – One special service that our investigators can conduct that can complement the criminal and civil background checks involves social media scans/deep Internet searches. Whenever they conduct social media scans/deep Internet searches on behalf of our clients, the social media scans/deep Internet searches can pull up any public posts the person has made or about whom others have made as well as any news stories about the individual.

If the person of interest has made some terribly transphobic, homophobic, racist, xenophobic, misogynistic statements, etc., about others or has been accused of a crime that does not show up in a criminal background report, then it should hopefully show on the social media scan/deep Internet search. Our detectives can also run these social media scans/deep Internet searches quickly and very inexpensively, so our these clients can have the informational results they need at a price they can afford. 😊

  • Active Monitoring of a POI’s Social Media Accounts – Oftentimes they will closely and actively monitor the social media accounts of the persons of interest (POI) to see what she/he/they is/are doing, what she/he/they is/are doing it with, when, and where. Indeed, they have found so many people to willingly post all their personal information online. Thus, they recommend the implementation of active monitoring of social media accounts during all case inquiries.
  • Interviewing Others Who Might Know of the Missing Kids’ Whereabouts – Any decent professional can tell you that sometimes the best way to solve your case is to simply go to the people who know the children and those who have last seen them. While this can sometimes tip off the child abductors and parental kidnappers, if the people our detectives are speaking to are the ones who kidnapped them in the first place or are in close with the child abductors, it nevertheless remains a viable avenue of child recovery and should be considered alongside other tactics and methods of finding and rescuing abducted children.

Yes, they do this on a very regular basis. Indeed, they are very adept at conducting surveillance POIs, attempting to catfish POIs, and so much more!

If you are looking to hire one, then please contact our private investigation agency in Oklahoma’s owners, Dr. Makayla Saramosing, Vivien Keefe, or one of the other adultery or infidelity private investigators agency today. 😊

Yes, they have process servers that serve court papers and other documents nationwide. Victim protection orders (VPOs) can often add in an extra layer of protection for vulnerable individuals who are victims of domestic abusers, stalkers, and more, so if you need a private investigator or a process server in OKC to assist you with the service of process in Oklahoma or elsewhere, just give us a call! 😊 You can hire the best one here today. 😊

To become a divorce private investigator who conducts private investigations, there are several steps you must follow. To become a licensed official at a private detective agency in OKC, the procedural licensing steps are as follow:

If you successfully follow the above steps through to their completion, you will become a licensed official that conducts criminal private investigations and adultery private investigations. 😊

Experienced ones can make quite a bit of money for conducting investigations in Oklahoma. They are indeed some of the highest-paid private detectives. Salaries for those highly skilled ones can range upwards of $300,000 or so per year, as their demand is very high and their specialty takes much training. 😊

If you need to hire an individual on your behalf, you have certainly come to the right place! Hire one today by contacting us here. 😊

To prove marital infidelity, an adultery private detective from our private investigation agency needs to secure proof that will without a doubt show that the person of interest (POI) has been actively engaging in marital adultery. Proof of infidelity can come in many ways, such as the following:

  • Text Messages/Social Media Communication Between the POI and Side Dishes
  • Videos/Photos of the POI and Side Dishes Having Any Kind of Verbal Contact
  • Hotel Receipts
  • Credit Cards & Other Bills/Receipts for Anything Possibly Suspicious – Lingerie, Gifts for Someone Else, Money Transfers, Etc.
  • Dating/Sex Profiles of the POI
  • Condoms, New or Used/Birth Control, Etc.
  • Rings, Clothing, Panties, Underwear, Etc., Not Belonging to Either Spouse
  • Mysterious Vehicles Coming or Going, Especially at Odd Hours With No Explanation
  • Social Media Posts That Include Photos of Unknown People, Being in Unknown/Inappropriate Locations, Etc.
  • Changed Flight Plans Without Notifying the Other Spouse
  • Sexting/Nude Photographs/Pornographic Videos or Photos Involving the POI or Side Dishes
  • Any Contact of Any Kind, Whether In-Person, Sexting, Romance/Dating Apps, Texting, Etc., Between the POI and our Agent During the Course of Our Investigations

The potential proof mentioned above is just some of the many possible kinds of proof that investigators in OK would hope to obtain during their investigations. Of course, there are other types of proof that would show cheating that our experts might be able to obtain on your behalf.

If you need to hire the best one, please contact a private investigator from our private investigation agency in OKC today for further information. He will be happy to answer all your questions. 😊   

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