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How A Private Investigator Can Help You Find Your Runaway Child

Discovering that your child has disappeared and having no clues as to where they may be, this is one of the worst experiences a parent can go through. Due to this very reason, parents go to all lengths in order to find the whereabouts of their kid. One of the ways a parent tries to locate their child is by hiring a private detective to help them find out the possible places the child could be at. Teenagers especially are prone to runaway due to a rebellious streak, personal issues or due to peer pressure. Here is how a private investigator can help you find your runaway child.

Making A Police Report

The first most important thing a private investigator from Oklahoma City would do is to urge the parents to report this incident to the police. The private detective will then establish an understanding with the detectives working on the case as they will welcome any help to work on time consuming and difficult cases.

Dig Deep into all the child’s friends

Most young people, especially teens are all wired to their friends 24/7 and do tell someone or the other about their plans. It is crucial to find out about the girlfriends or boyfriends that they had or were with at the time. Most of the time, teens run away with their lovers, and knowing more about them could lead you to the child’s whereabouts.

Secure All Of Their Devices

Any wise private investigator from OKC would do the task of securing all of the child’s devices in order to uncover where they might have run away to. Any sort of device, from a tablet to their laptop are extremely important to secure The devices may have evidences such as contacts, texts, social media accounts, pictures, emails and search histories that can hint to their location. However, the investigator will search through the devices after a forensic examination has taken place otherwise they would be overwriting evidence.

Go Through Social Media

Not just going through their social media accounts or search history will help the private detective, but discovering any secret or spam accounts even in the most obscure of places can really help to give greater insight into their intentions. Try searching out the person they talk to most and interview them.

Thus, it can be very useful to assign a private investigator to a runaway’s case in order to find their whereabouts out more easily and efficiently.


In conclusion, the private detective can use their expertise, resources, networks, and skills to locate the runaway child. They gather information over, a database, inspection, and research to track the children. The private detective collaborates with law agents, who use advanced technology and legal methods to find the child. The private detective assists the parents and helps them reunite with their child.

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