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Why Social Media Is An Important Tool In An Investigation

The way investigations are carried out has massively changed in the last two decades. With most of our lives spent online, social media has made the work of a private investigator a lot easier. The simplest picture or post can give vital insight and provide key pieces of evidence for a case. When celebrities are on trial, their social media accounts and posts in the last few months are meticulously scrutinized. Social media is used every single day as a tool by PIs. Let’s explore why.

All Online Accounts

When we think of social media, the platforms that instantly come to mind are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. They are what is considered the most mainstream of social media platforms. An experienced private investigator from Oklahoma City can search through the less common ones and find important evidence from them.

Also, many people create more than one account profile for one platform. A good private investigator from OKC can connect the dots and find all the accounts, even the more hidden ones.


Most of what a person posts online is public. A professional private detective would know how to get the most of the information present. Their most visited location, email addresses, phone numbers and etc. can all be sought through a social media presence.

Cost and Time Effective

Finding out information through social media accounts is legal (as long as no hacking is done) and makes it very cost and time effective for the private investigator from Oklahoma to do. The information may be more accurate than public databases. It is also more detailed and gives an insight into the persona and psychology of the subject.

More Honest?

People may actually use social media platforms as a way to vent and speak out their truth. In the heat of the moment, they may reveal their true colors and intentions. For example, if an employee unthinkingly posts that they have committed insurance fraud online, then the PI can forward that information to their employers.

The Bottom Line

This day and age prove that people take every chance they get to either get their few moments of fame, some attention, or an avenue to vent through social media. Through searching out patterns in the way a person posts on social media, many companies understand consumer habits. In the same way, a private investigator can look out about the patterns and use them as evidence in a case.Private Investigator in Edmond, Oklahoma FAQs 😊

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