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How Far Can A Private Investigator Go When Investigating A Case

Hiring a private detective does not violate the rules of law. Nonetheless, there are certain things and boundaries that a private investigator cannot cross. Otherwise, they will be found in violation of the law. It is also important that you know how far the private investigator you hire will go when investigating your case.

1. Impersonation Of A Law Enforcement Officer Is Illegal

Being a private detective does not give them the right to impersonate any law enforcement officer for their case. In the state of Oklahoma, the private investigator cannot carry a police badge, wear a uniform of a law enforcement officer, or anything that may indicate the private investigator to be a law enforcement officer.

2. Wiretapping Phone

As per the Federal law, private investigators are prohibited from the act of wiretapping phone calls until and unless they have the consent of the persons on the line.

3. Trespassing

There is a common misconception among the general public that if they hire a private investigator, he will have the authority to trespass on someone’s property. That is not the case at all. The Private Investigator OKC in under no circumstance trespass onto someone’s property without their consent.

There are some cases where the client wants the private investigator to enter the estate of another person. The Private Investigator Oklahoma City will refuse such cases knowing that they cannot trespass.

4. Mail Tampering

It will be taken as a federal offense if anyone, even a private investigator tampers with, destroys or opens another individual’s mail. This will be considered illegal if the investigator pries into the person’s personal business or in any way deter the individual from getting their mail.

5. Getting Hands-On Protected Information

Before a Private Investigator OKC can gain authorized access to acquiring the investigated person’s confidential information, they will have to obtain the consent of that person. Confidential information can be:

1. Financial Accounts

When it comes to getting hands on a person’s bank account details, the private investigator can only go so far. The only thing a private investigator can do is identify which bank the person goes to do their banking. The investigator cannot access information concerning the bank account details.

2. Credit Information

The federal law does not allow the private investigator to access an individual’s private credit information without consent.

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