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Broken Lives: A Human Trafficking Private Investigator Solves crimes

Human Trafficking Private Investigators

Broken Lives: A Human Trafficking Private Investigator from Our Private Investigation Agency Shares Human Trafficking Victims’ Stories

A private detective at our private investigation agency in Oklahoma City, most times meet human trafficking victims. This human trafficking private investigator decided to share some of the stories of these victims. At our private investigation agency in Edmond, we realized that most of the victims found it hard to speak freely about what they passed through.

Our private investigator in Edmond, OKC, will be sharing three of such human trafficking private investigations victims’ stories;

Emily Waters

One of those victims of human trafficking is Emily Waters, who is now telling her tale to inspire others. Our private detective recounted that this human trafficking story made the round on the Internet. Emily shared that she could not escape even if she had plans to.

When a cartel took control of the Texas hotel where Walters was working as an underage bartender, she was 18 years old. Waters claimed, she was working three jobs and only sleeping two hours a night to have the money for college fees. Waters had meth ingestion, a potent stimulant, so she will be available to sex customers.

She stated that the average lifespan of a victim of trafficking is seven years. She however added that she was among the fortunate ones to live.

Although Waters’ experience took place in the Midwest, the U.S. Department of Justice lists Long Island as one of the top 20 locations in the nation where human trafficking is a problem.

Most private investigation agencies in Edmond, OK, discovered that most of these human trafficking victims are placed on drugs. A private detective found out that this drug was to make the victims willingly, easily, and promptly obey orders from their traffickers.

According to Waters, who had intense counseling and detox and is finishing up her doctorate in social work at the age of 40, the problem impacts everyone on Long Island regardless of color, gender, or socioeconomic level.

Trafficking is seen in the mother who cannot afford her rent and has to give her 12-year-old daughter to the landlord to have sex with,” Waters added. “Trafficking is seen in runaway kids who do not get love and affection or understand what proper love and affection look like.”

Waters cautions parents that recruitment frequently begins on social media and advises victims to never be hesitant to ask for assistance. Our private investigators in Oklahoma City, have found out that these traffickers usually use social media to traffic unsuspecting victims.


Our private detective shares Samantha’s story which was also quite popular. By the time she was 12 years old, Samantha did not have a home. She fell victim to human trafficking.

Samantha discusses what she had to go through as a former victim in a video that was on the internet. Samantha was only permitted to sleep for four hours every night, and her heroin addiction was the result of her human trafficking. This drives home the point that most private investigation agencies have realized that these traffickers make their victims reliant on drugs.

“When I started working, I suffered breakdowns.   I was unable to complete it. I eventually just kind of dissociated who I am when I’m not working from who I am. Otherwise, I’d lose my mind. I would snap.” Samantha shares.

“I recall a day when I was smoking a cigarette outside when someone requested a lighter while keeping an eye on me. Later, I will receive punishment for that. This was a refusal to use my lighter when someone requested it.

I couldn’t talk to anyone since there was no permission to. So, I had to give my order to the waiter before we went out. I was unable to look at anyone. My focus was usually on him or the ground. And as soon as you returned to the room after making a mistake in front of others, you would be beaten. And he would ensure that no one heard. He would start the shower and amplify the TV. And if you yelled, screamed, or did anything else, he would remove you from the room, and you had no idea if you might end up dead. You often had no idea.” Our private investigator in Edmond Oklahoma City agrees that one of the major ways they use to keep their victims is through violence and fear.


Our private investigator in Norman, Oklahoma City, recounts the story of Sarah, another victim of human trafficking. Sarah left her job at a neighborhood fast food joint one summer night with a lady she believed to be a friend. Her boyfriend had introduced the woman to her just a few weeks earlier. Sarah’s boyfriend appeared to be wealthy but unemployed. No big deal. Compared to her previous boyfriends, he treated her better. She took to him right away.

Sarah was unaware that her boyfriend was a human trafficker who identified girls he could swiftly influence and bring to the trafficker. She had already been sold to him. Sarah was not aware she was entering slavery or taking part in her kidnapping when she got into the car with her new acquaintance. After being taken to the trafficker’s home, Sarah was subjected to seasoning. This process involves being raped and beaten repeatedly. Then, Sarah had large doses of drugs. These drugs are those that would cause an addiction quickly. A private detective in Bethany, OKC agreed that this method is often used.

When she wasn’t being offered sex on the internet, she was in a dog kennel. The police were unaware that Sarah was living one of the most horrific lives imaginable. Sarah eventually managed to escape after a little more than a month and ran to the police. Days later, the neighborhood SWAT team conducted a raid on his home, liberating all the girls he had held as slaves and prosecuting the trafficker.

Final Thoughts

Our private detective working on several human trafficking cases found other heart-breaking stories of human trafficking victims.  Our PI in Oklahoma City believes that sharing these stories will create awareness.

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