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How to Verify If Husband or Wife Cheating on You?

Usually, when most people ask this question to themselves, there is something suspicious in their relationship. Sometimes, this feeling makes you feel that you are a victim of infidelity.

The signs of infidelity may vary for each relationship, according to your relationship nature. The most important sign is if your gut feeling tells you that you are being a victim of infidelity, it might be right.

You may want to collect some other evidence before confronting your partner about their behavior. Here, you can explore the main signs of infidelity that can help you check if you are being a victim of infidelity.

What is meant by Infidelity?

Infidelity can be one of the most challenging situations that a person can face in a relationship. Many people blindly trust their partner and ignore the signs of infidelity. You can suspect infidelity because of the common signs and actions of your partner that are out of

the norms.

These signs indicate the range of possibilities that your partner is cheating on you, but none of them certainly indicates that your partner is not faithful to you.

You can look for curious actions, behavioral changes, odd incidents, and consequences to check if your suspect is right. But remember that the possibilities and signs of infidelity may be different from one person to another.

Signs to check if Your Spouse or Partner is cheating:

  1. Avoiding Discussion with Partner

A person who is cheating will try to avoid discussion with their partner about their relationship. In some cases, the person starts to give silent treatment to their partner. It might point towards that your partner is interested in somewhere else.

  1. Changing the subject for no apparent reason

Your partner may change the discussion topic for no apparent reason. You might be unaware of the link between the subject and the affair, but your partner knows it very well.

  1. Changing dress style

Your spouse/partner suddenly becomes more conscious about their dressing and appearance. Keep a critical look at your partner’s behavior.

  1. Become Fitness Conscious

Your husband or wife suddenly becomes a fitness freak from a couch potato. They regularly go to the gym or do any other exercise daily.

  1. Dropping a name

Your partner may start mentioning a name very often in their conversation or passing. Don’t take it too lightly, it might be the name of their loved one.

  1. Changing their love-making and appetite

You can notice a change in their appetite and love-making. It might be a sign of cyber-love making or their interest in adult material.

  1. Acting out of the Unusual Behavior

You can experience behavioral changes and odd actions that are unusual for your partner. It might point towards their involvement in someone else.

How to deal with a Lying Spouse?

In most cases, when their partner confronts them for being unfaithful to them, they clearly deny it. Many people don’t admit their infidelity unless you come up with irrefutable proof or strong evidence.

However, there are some things that can help you to check if your partner is cheating. You can experience, ignorance or denial whenever you try to discuss your concerns with your partner. In this situation, it is better to take help from some relationship professional to help sort things out.

A relationship professional is unbiased and can help you to figure out things. But sometimes, your partner may refuse to attend such sessions. You can go for individual counselling sessions to help you with this traumatic situation.

You might experience some physical changes like disturbed eating habits, irregular sleeping patterns, and less concentration. Try to drink plenty of water, take a proper diet and sleep to stay strong and avoid any such problems.

6 Common Gestures of Infidelity:

  1. Constant eye contact

It might be odd, but too many good things in a relationship might also be a red flag. Especially when your partner normally doesn’t do it. Does your partner constantly maintain eye contact when you are asking why you are late? It might make you feel uncomfortable.

If your partner is making too much eye contact with you, it might be a sign; they are hiding something from you. Usually, no one stares constantly into their eyes throughout the conversation. A cheating partner uses this trick to remind you of the strength of the bond that you two share.

  1. Blinking

Don’t ever ignore any small change in your partner’s behavior or action. Even rapid blinking doesn’t always mean there is something in your partner’s eye. Too much blinking might be a sign that your partner is fighting with the idea that you can catch them lying. Researchers say that a liar usually blinks eight times more than the common people.

  1. Overacting during a conversation

Do you ever feel your partner is overexcited or overreacting during conversation? Don’t ever ignore this sign. During normal conversations, usually, there is no need for exaggerated hands or facial movements. Compare your normal conversations with these conversations. It might be a sign that your partner is trying to convince you of something. Don’t fall for their fake expressions during the conversation.

  1. Short, concise answers

Usually, people that are hiding something or lying to their partner adhere to the policy of speaking less. The trick behind this idea is there are fewer chances of being caught when you speak less about something. Your partner might try to change the subject topic. Don’t fall for their tricks.

  1. Fidgeting with clothing and objects

Look for the behavior and actions of your partner during your conversation. Notice how your partner holds your hand during the discussion. Do they play with their buttons or glasses? Or keep checking, again and again, their cell phone?

Do they constantly slide idle hands in and out of the pockets or keep playing with their shirt buttons? It might be a sign your husband or wife is lying or hiding something from you.

  1. The cold shoulder

The behavior of your partner can tell you about their mental state more than any other sign. It might sound dry and odd. But do you ever feel your loving and caring partner has become as cold as ice?

If you ever feel your conversations with your partner that used to be full of joy and fun have become a formality for your partner.

A note of caution about interpreting signs:

It is very important to carefully interpret the signs and behavior of your partner to check if they are cheating. The reason is, it is very easy to misunderstand the behavior and signs. Ensure to consider traditional and cultural differences in the interpretation of signs.

Focus on the ways that you feel your partner is behaving differently from the usual days.

  • When you confront your partner with an un-expecting question, your partner might feel nervous or uncomfortable.
  • Notice their behavior and facial expressions when your partner is thinking or trying to answer your questions.
  • Your partner might rub, stroke eyes, necks, and their head when you ask them any such questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What are the common things that indicate infidelity?

  • Your relationship began as an affair.
  • Your partner accuses you of being lied or cheating
  • They are suddenly spending too much on them
  • They are suddenly got new sex moves than usual
  • You feel odd actions and behavioral changes
  • They suddenly getting hyper-critical about you

How does a cheating partner react when confronted?

Normally, when a cheating partner is being confronted, feels remorse. They accept what they have done and ensure their partner will quit it. Moreover, that person will try to make it clear they don’t want to end their relationship with their partner.

Which kind of apps does a cheating partner use?

Normally, cheating partners commonly use Snapchat, Ashley Madison, Tinder, Date-Mate, and Vault Stocks. They may also use private messengers like WhatsApp, Viber, Kik, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram.

What things does a cheating partner do to hide their tracks?

A cheating partner does some sneaky things to hide their tracks. It can include often showering to remove unfamiliar perfumes or scents, changing their perfume, taking too much interest in their appearance and dressing.

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