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Oklahoma Workmen’s Compensation Insurance Fraud Private Investigator at a Private Investigation Agency in Norman, OK

Oklahoma Workmen's Compensation Insurance Fraud Private Investigator

Employees or workers are entitled to compensation when they sustain an injury while discharging their duties. However, some employees fake these injuries to collect undue compensation.

It is one of the rampant forms of insurance fraud in Oklahoma City. Any Oklahoma worker’s compensation fraud private investigator at a private investigator agency in Norman, OK, must know how to handle this case satisfactorily if encountered. This article contains a guide for the Oklahoma workman’s compensation fraud investigator to achieve this.

Common Categories of Employees or Workers that Claims False Compensation Insurance in Oklahoma

While it’s true that any employee can falsify compensation insurance claims, experienced Oklahoma worker’s compensation fraud investigators from reputable private investigator agencies in Oklahoma City believe that certain types of employees are more likely to falsify claims than others. They include:

  • Construction Workers

Construction projects’ risk and accident-prone nature make it easy for construction workers to file false compensation claims for non-existing injuries, injuries that occur outside the job site, or injuries unrelated to their job.

Most workers’ compensation fraud private investigators in Oklahoma at a private investigator agency like Keefe Private Investigation (KPI) believe that construction workers are more likely to fake injuries and file claims than others, based on their experience in the field.

  • Drivers

Workmen’s compensation fraud private investigators at top private investigator agencies in Norman, Oklahoma, generally believe that company drivers are more likely to file false insurance claims than others, with some going as far as staging accidents.

Workers’ compensation insurance fraud investigators usually focus more on investigations involving these employees than on others.

Tips An Oklahoma Workman’s Compensation Insurance Fraud Investigator Can Leverage to Catch Employees Faking Injuries

When it comes to workmen’s compensation insurance fraud investigation, the private investigator at a private investigator agency in Norman, OK, must do certain things. Below are the things and how they can help uncover the falsity of the injury claims:

Get Detailed Information From Employer

An insurance company or an employer will only seek the service of an Oklahoma workers’ compensation insurance fraud investigator if they are suspicious of the employee’s or worker’s claim. To start your investigation, you need to ask for the basis of this suspicion as a professional insurance fraud private investigator.

The signs that make them believe the injury claim could be fraud, the employee’s behavioral assessment for the duration he has been working with the company, and other necessary things that can aid the investigation. This is a good starting point for investigation and gives you a quick sense of direction while investigating.

Verify and Corroborate Presented Evidence

One thing that makes investigating Oklahoma’s workmen’s compensation insurance fraud easier is that the claimant needs to provide evidence of accident occurrence and injury. As a good worker’s compensation insurance fraud investigator in Oklahoma, you should be able to verify and corroborate this evidence using different techniques.

Some claimants go as far as collaborate with medical personnel to carry out this fraud. But this falsified evidence can be proved wrong or fake if properly analyzed and reviewed. Usually, collaborating medical personnel don’t include these false treatment claims in official records, providing a loophole for you to explore as a private investigator.

Interview Witnesses

Every accident must have a witness, and two or three people must have also seen treatment being administered to the acclaimed patient. Thus, interviewing this set of people can give you the information you need as an Oklahoma workmen compensation insurance fraud investigator. Incoherent eyewitness reports with the story the claimant gave are strong evidence that questions the claim’s truity. It could open more doors to further evidence proving the injury claims false.

Along with the interview witness, you should also question the claimant and take note of possible body language and signs that indicate they’re not telling the truth. It’s another great way of uncovering facts about a false compensation insurance claim. Some claimants would try to evade such interviews or questioning, but the probing party must make it clear that it’s a necessary process to complete before proceeding with compensation processing.

Background Checks/ Claim History

The history of such employees filing claims is another factor to consider. Employees with much claim history are more likely to make false accusations than those with no records. Also, as a workmen’s compensation insurance fraud investigator at a private investigator agency in Norman, OK, you should review these claims history to determine the percentage of the ones that turned out real or fake. An employee with records or false claims will surely do it again, whether or not they were successful at first.

Use Surveillance Technique

The surveillance technique, whether online or physical, is an effective way to catch faking injuries undeniably. Pictorial recordings, video evidence, etc., can be obtained during surveillance, all of which can aid the case in proving the claimant’s injury case false. A professional worker’s compensation insurance fraud in Oklahoma City at a private investigator agency in Norman, OK, must have the required resources and expertise to perform satisfactory surveillance on the person of interest.

Precautions You Should Consider As A Worker’s Compensation Insurance Fraud Investigator Carrying out Workmen’s Compensation Insurance Fraud Investigation At a Private Investigator Agency in Norman, OK

 To uncover the truth and fund evidence corroborating such truth, you must approach the workmen’s compensation insurance fraud investigation with an open mind. This implies that you shouldn’t conclude from inception that the person-of-interest is guilty without seeing pointers and evidence that indicates that.

Being open-minded makes you see things in different lights, saving you from the consequences of hasty conclusions. Also, you must stay within the law’s constraints and not break the stipulated law in the name of gathering evidence. This could land you a court case and provide the false claimant an avenue to walk free.


Investigating worker’s compensation insurance fraud is quite straightforward when you apply any of the tips mentioned above. An Oklahoma workmen’s compensation insurance fraud investigation at a private investigator agency in Norman, OK, can uncover and detect fake injuries using these methods.

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