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A Private Detective in Tulsa, Oklahoma at an Edmond, OK Private Investigation Agency’s Perspective

Private Detective in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Nationwide Skip Tracing Services Explained: A Private Detective in Tulsa, Oklahoma at an Edmond, OK Private Investigation Agency’s Perspective

What do you do when someone goes missing? Looking for a “skip tracing service near me” is a good idea when you want to locate someone’s whereabouts.

It becomes imperative to locate the missing person if they’re a wanted suspect, a debtor, or even simply a family member. But, finding out someone’s whereabouts can take up a lot of time, and you may not see any signs of success for a long time. So, what is the quickest way of locating someone who’s gone missing or is hiding?

Skip tracing services are a quick and effective solution for finding a missing person. Throughout Oklahoma, private, statewide investigations like Keefe Private Investigations utilize this locate investigation method to look for people who have completely gone missing.

When it comes to locating missing people, the task is not an easy one. In fact, it requires a particular set of skills. This is the reason why skip tracing is so important, especially for a private investigator in Oklahoma City.

Process servers and private investigators OKC develop their careers over many years of experience and training. Keefe Private Investigations is a private investigation OKC that provides skip tracing services to anyone who wants to recover a missing person they know.

What is Skip Tracing, Exactly?

Skip tracing OKC is also commonly known as ‘locate investigation.’ It refers to an investigation method used by process servers in Oklahoma City and private investigators in Oklahoma City to locate a missing person’s whereabouts.

The person going missing may be anyone from a debtor who has skipped town or an elusive defendant to a witness for a legal matter. Apart from this, some people may also use skip tracing Oklahoma to recover a family member or friend that they have lost touch with.

When a person or company fails to locate someone through traditional methods, private investigators Edmond Oklahoma or private investigators Oklahoma City can help. A private detective Oklahoma from a private investigation agency OKC can help you find the information you need regarding a person you’re trying to locate.

Nationwide skip tracing services OKC has greater access to information that might be required to find someone rather than a single province or state. It includes a private investigation by private investigators in Edmond, Oklahoma, private investigators in Tulsa, Oklahoma, etc. This is what largely contributes to the success rate of Keefe Private Investigations.

Do you need to serve your ex-spouse with some legal documents but don’t know their current home address? Or has your contractor disappeared before completing the agreed work? Skip tracing services in Oklahoma City can find missing individuals easily.

Typically, the skip tracing OKC process involves locating the current address of the missing individual in question. A lot of times, these individuals that are hiding go to great lengths to cover up their tracks. So only private legal investigators in Oklahoma can perform an investigation that will provide results.

Private detectives OKC from a private investigation company like Keefe Private Investigations can locate missing and hiding people remotely. This way, they’re easily able to provide you with the exact location of an individual in real-time.

Why is Skip Tracing Important?

While skip tracing services in Oklahoma City are the most effective way of finding missing people, the legal investigation method has restrictions. In simpler words, Oklahoma state wide private investigation is only permissible in any of the following cases.

Missing Family and Friends

At any given moment, around 90,000 people are missing on average. If you have a missing friend or family member you need to recover, then a skip tracing service OKC can help.

Private investigators in Oklahoma City can help locate missing children, parents, relatives, and friends. Often, the reason why someone goes missing is unknown.

Other times, private investigators in Oklahoma get hired to locate people whom their clients have lost contact with over the years. The most common causes of missing people include:

  • Adopted kids or adults finding their biological parents
  • Runaways (drug addicts or people escaping due to abuse
  • Ex-spouses who have gone missing after divorce
  • Parents with mental illnesses or addictions
  • Children or adults looking for parents who left during their childhood
  • Friends who have lost contact with
  • Colleagues or friends who moved to a different country
  • Former co-workers

For Lawyers

Many times, lawyers also contact private investigation agencies in Oklahoma City to find individuals. These individuals are involved in legal matters and issues. At times, they may be unaware of their involvement or don’t know they are being found. Other times, some people also intentionally disappear to hide away or prevent getting served.

Most commonly, lawyers hire skip tracing services in Oklahoma in the following cases:

  • Witnesses for a trial
  • People who owe money
  • Individuals who flee out of state or country due to legal issues
  • Beneficiaries or heirs for life insurance policies or wills
  • Recipients of class-action lawsuits
  • Defendants, clients, or plaintiffs that need to be served
  • Ex-spouses who owe child support or spousal support
  • Spouses and parents who have abandoned their partner or children

For Debt Collection

While the reasons for someone missing are not always known, they are obvious in many other cases. Most of the time, outstanding debt on a legitimate contract is the most obvious reason someone goes missing. Other times, the debt is a case of taking money under pretenses.

People often hire private investigation agencies in Oklahoma City and skip tracing services in OKC to find individuals who owe money, commonly known as debtors. A private investigator in Oklahoma can locate the assets of a debtor through asset investigation along with skip tracing services in Oklahoma. This way, it is possible to locate the debtor and the assets.

A common tool that is used in both processes is called a credit check. Skip tracing service OKC can be used to find debtors such as:

  • Tenants who owe money (property damage or past rents)
  • Landlords who vanish after taking money from potential tenants
  • Employees who committed fraud or embezzled a company’s funds
  • A client who owes money to a service or company
  • Contractors who go missing after getting paid


As you may be able to tell now, skip tracing OKC is a process that helps private investigators to find missing individuals. They may have gone missing for a variety of reasons or are hiding away to prevent getting served.

Are you looking to hire a company to perform skip tracing Oklahoma City for you? If yes, then Keefe Private Investigation Agency can help.

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