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Explore About Private Security Guard Solutions – Expert Guide

When it comes to hiring a private security guard to get extra security, then there are a few things that you should consider.

A private security guard should be properly trained and skilled to provide you with maximum security and protection. Always get private security services from a reputed security organization. Let’s explore a guide from security experts about hiring a private security guard.


When it comes to getting extra security, there are some benefits of hiring a private security guard.

  • Enjoy full-time protection
  • Security and save yourself from losing your business
  • Prevent any crime from happening in the first place
  • Quickly respond and handle an emergency situation
  • Provide peace of mind to your family, friends, customers, and tenants

You can hire a professional and trained security guard to minimize your stress about the security of your home or your loved ones. You get peace of mind when you know your family members and loved ones are in a safe place and can focus on your business in a better way.


Hiring a security guard for extra security purposes is a good decision that a person can make. There are many benefits of getting the security services of a professional private security guard. Here we have enlisted some advantages of hiring a private security guard.

  • Private security guards provide personalized care to each client
  • Provide 24/7 protection
  • Private guards are locally operated and owned
  • Private security guards are properly trained and skilled
  • Guards are committed to providing the best security services to their client
  • Private security guards are experienced and know how to protect their client
  • Security guards can also provide security reports on client’s demand
  • Private security guards are equipped with the latest security technology
  • Guards have valid guard cards issued through the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services
  • They are in contact with law enforcement officers and agencies

List of Private Security Guard Services:

Following is the list of protection services that private security guards provide.


Usually, high-rise and commercial buildings are open for customers, vendors, visitors, employees, and corporate executives. Their open access to visitors and other people made them susceptible to danger. It is the responsibility of the owner to take steps for the security and protection of employees and customers from any possible danger.

Private security guards are highly trained and are ready to handle security risks and worst scenarios that can happen in a commercial or high-rise building. They provide security services for commercial as well as high-rise buildings, including banks, hospitals, industrial buildings, health care centers, and other important buildings.

A big reason why they should hire a private security guard for protection services is their experience in the management of private residential security services. They are fully equipped with the latest security technology and GPS to offer top-notch security services to their customers. Private security guards provide 24/7 security services and are in contact with their managing team.

You can hire private security services to protect your family and loved ones from any potential threat and danger. Private guards offer numerous security services. You can select a suitable protection service according to your requirements and needs.


As an owner of the property or property manager, you should be concerned about the security and protection of your property. Private security guards ensure maximum protection. They are properly trained and skilled enough to create security plans as per the requirements of their customers. Security services of private security guards include:

Possible Risk Assessment: Private security guards develop suitable security plans to handle any potential security threat.

Mobile Patrolling Service: Private security teams have patrolling services that they use to complete a route around your residential area to find any criminal activity.

Event Protection Service: Sometimes, you need proper security at your place when you have an event to avoid interruption. Security guards ensure to avoid any such activity or interruption during the event.

Immobile Patrol Service: Private security guards offers immobile security service to constantly monitor a specific gateway and location to protect from any potential danger.


There are numerous benefits of hiring a residential security service for your residence or residential property. Private security guards are trained to provide the best security services to satisfy their customer’s needs. The benefits that you get by hiring professional and trained security officers include:

24/7 Security Service: Most of the private security guard agencies offer 24/7 security service, and they are just a call away. You can hire protection services according to your needs.

Security Report/ Documentation: You can get detailed security reports on demand. You can get recommendations and additional security if you need them.

Visual Security Service: The primary function of a private security guard is to act as a visual deterrent from any potential danger. You can make your property or residence more secure by hiring a private guard that will help you to avoid any possible threat.


Educational institutes and academies also need security to avoid potential security threats and unpleasant situations. The lack of security in educational institutes or academies can diminish the feeling of a secure learning environment for both students and the teaching faculty. However, hiring an experienced private security guard can solve this problem. Guards are highly trained and can handle and solve such security problems professionally.


When a person hires a private security guard, the guard provides the following security services:

  • Look for any suspicious activity or crime
  • Monitoring of property
  • Patrolling of that area to deter any suspicious activity or person
  • Respond and handle lockdown, natural, civil, or man-made disasters and security problems

Usually, we don’t think about the security problems or concerns of the place where we work. People are more concerned about their salary, job, and other similar things. Security of business or any educational institute is not something that you should take lightly. There are many other key factors that prove that hiring a private security guard is important for your business security.


Every business company or brand wants to hire the best security services in order to protect their property, employees, and customers. For instance, real-time monitoring and patrolling of a property can help to avoid any crime and threat immediately.

Private security guards use high-tech security technology that can help to prevent any potential crime or danger in a better, efficient and quick way. The use of high-tech security services also reduces the security cost because high-tech security service needs less on-site guard security.


Private security guards are equipped with the latest security technology. Their security technology includes:

  • GPS tracking service
  • Regular security activity report
  • Guard monitoring and patrolling service

Due to extensive and high-tech technology and training, private security guards are able to control and handle any criminal activity or suspicious circumstances. The private security guard uses their experience of security services to serve their clients in a better and efficient way. They use their extensive security service experience to provide the best security services as per the needs and requirements of the customers.


Is the staff of shopping malls and centers properly trained to handle and respond to emergency situations and circumstances in the malls? Hiring professional and experienced private security guards can help you to deal with such emergency conditions and incidents.

Nowadays, criminal activities are rising, including “shooter attacks” in shopping malls nationwide. Experienced and trained security officers work closely with law enforcement agencies or senior officers to meet the security standard that their clients demand from them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How much does it cost to hire a private security guard?

The national average cost of a private security guard is $20-30 per hour. However, a private security guard can charge $75 per hour for private function security or $150 for executive security that requires the guard 24/7 at the site.

How are security services classified?

Security services are divided into five main categories that include data confidentiality, data integrity, non-repudiation, authentication, and data access control.

What are the main categories of private security services?

The main categories of private security services to prevent any security attack are data confidentiality, data integrity, authentication of data, data source verification, non-repudiation, and data authorization.

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