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Discussing the Increased Need for Process Servers in OKC during the Pandemic

Process Servers in OKC

Process servers in Oklahoma have one of the most important responsibilities in the judicial system. They are responsible for sending the defending party the court summons, which is rarely as easy as people believe. Not only is the process of making the delivery and then coming back with proof that the necessary party has received the court summons.

Process Servers in OKC during the Pandemic

Even though in recent years, process servers in OKC have been able to send out court summons through official emails, there are a lot of variables there as well. The loopholes present in this particular system do not allow them to make the delivery as confidently. So even though they have the system in place, many still prefer sending out notice in person, usually finding someone first.

Even though Process servers in Oklahoma City have always been essential to the judicial system, they have become even more important during the pandemic. With new waves of the Corona Virus spreading worldwide rapidly, process servers continue to offer a reliable way to deliver these notices to the necessary party. They can be especially useful when considering how they can still perform their job without putting themselves at too much risk.

No Sacrifices in the Line of Duty

While OKC process servers have always been responsible for delivering these important documents, they have always been at risk during their deliveries. And even if it might be hard to believe, process servers face many risks when they are out in the field trying to do their job. More specifically, the biggest risk they face is assault, as people might stop them from reaching the defendant.

In some cases, the defendant will reply to the process server in Oklahoma with hostility. There have, unfortunately, been multiple cases where a process server was simply making a delivery, and the receiving party responded by assaulting them. In some cases, the receiver even tried to use lethal force on a server in a fit of rage.

Of course, various states have introduced provisions that have made it more difficult for people to assault a process server without facing very heavy consequences. In states like Florida, the recipient could face a year in prison, a massive fine, or a combination of both. Regardless, various laws are now protecting process servers in OKC.

But other than assault, process servers in Oklahoma now also have to worry about Covid when they are out making deliveries. With new variants coming out every few months, there is always the possibility that they could catch Covid.

Fortunately, their line of work allows them to continue to work while following all of the Covid precautions. As long as they wear the right face covering and are careful when interacting with the recipients, they do not have to worry about possibly catching Covid. Therefore, they can carry out their responsibilities without putting themselves at unnecessary risk.

Becoming More Important Over Time

As life under Covid regulations becomes the new norm for many people, courts have to adjust. Some have tried to conduct the entire hearing online, which has not worked. It eventually became easier for defendants to avoid their hearing with them happening online. Others tried calling the defending party and the prosecution party to separate, isolated locations where they would attend the court hearing under a watchful eye. Under supervision, the individual will not attempt to cheat out of the hearing.

Finally, the most recent solution they have come up with is that the judge, defendant, and prosecutor will be in the courtroom. The Jury will be in separate rooms or will be spaced out accordingly. Either way, much like the process servers in Oklahoma, the court is also specific measures to ensure that the proceeding runs smoothly.

In this sort of environment, process servers have become even more essential, as they keep everyone safe. They can deliver the service of process in OKC to the defendant while following all of the necessary guidelines.

Furthermore, they are also essential because they will deliver the confidential legal documents they need. Not receiving these documents, which are important to the case, directly conflicts with an individual’s constitutional rights. So without a process server, this could be a major issue when the trial begins.

Of course, the process servers in Oklahoma are especially important to the plaintiff, as they ensure a default ruling when the defendant does not arrive. If the defendant does not arrive for the trial, the plaintiff can request a default ruling, which will win them the case instantly. However, the judge can only rule in their favor if proof that the defendant had received the court notice. If they haven’t, the court cannot rule in their favor. Therefore, the plaintiff needs those documents delivered, as they might get the default ruling instead.

Overall, it has become very obvious that process servers during this confusing time are very important. These process servers in Oklahoma will deliver the documents necessary for a trial. And more importantly, they can easily do so without having to worry about getting Covid in the process.

Finding the right Process Server in OKC

Finding a good process server in OKC is essential, especially during the pandemic. Without a good process server, you will not be able to deliver the correct files to the defendant, and you might also face trouble in court.

So if you are looking for dedicated process servers in Oklahoma, we can certainly help. Our servers are very much ready to take on the challenge of delivering the documents. Not only will they deliver the documents in time, but they will also bring back evidence to show that they have made the delivery. So when you are working with us and our servers, you can rest easy knowing the defendant will receive their documents.

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