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Do Process Servers in Oklahoma Depend On Email, Mail, or Other Means of Serving Process?, or Other Means of Serving Process?


One of the most important parts of the judicial process is process servers in OKC, which are responsible for sending defendants the right documents. All of this is essential to ensuring that the case goes by smoothly, without any possible problems from the plaintiff’s side. One of the many responsibilities that the process server undertakes is delivering the documents and finding the defendant.

While finding a defendant can be relatively simple, there are some exceptions. The defendant could be moving houses at the time of the case, which means their new address has not been updated. On the other hand, the defendant could be making an active effort to hide and avoid the trial by any means. In that case, the process server will have to make use of skip tracing in Oklahoma City to find the individual. The process server in Oklahoma needs to be able to make the delivery within 90 days, or the case will be dismissed.

And when they find the defendant, they simply have to deliver the documents and court notice. However, it is easier said than done, especially if the defendant is being difficult and avoids process servers. This does beg the question, what other methods do process servers in Oklahoma City use to serve process?

Other Methods Used to Serve Process

While most process servers go about serving process through personal deliveries, other methods are available for them to use. The only difference is that these methods tend to be less effective than simply going to the address and delivering the documents personally. One of the reasons why they insist on delivering the files personally is so that they can bring back evidence that the defendant has received the documents. That evidence for a process server in OKC would usually take the form of a signature from the defendant, along with some other form of identification.

Regardless there are other ways to deliver these documents, such as:


Email has recently become an authorized way of serving process, and the plaintiff can send authorized emails, which can allow them to skip having to deliver the documents in person. While certainly more convenient, many process servers in Oklahoma make use of this simply because it lowers the risk of dealing with potentially violent defendants. And when they receive the email, they simply have to confirm that they have received it.

The only problem with sending emails is that they are very easy to ignore. While some defendants will responsibly reply to the official email, not all of them will be so willing. Instead, they will try to avoid their hearing, which they will do by ignoring the email. This can be especially problematic for process servers in OKC, as they now have to put in more effort to serve process.

They now have to prepare the documents physically and then deliver them through one of the other means if they do not get a response. Now, it is possible that the individual is not actively ignoring the plaintiff, and it is just that their email address is wrong. This can be especially problematic, as it could lead the process servers down a rabbit hole of conclusions.


The mail is possibly the least efficient way to deliver physical documents to a defendant, as there is no guarantee that they will reach in time. The US Postal Service, or USPS, does not have a very good track record with their deliveries, making them the least efficient. However, a process server in OKC will still send a copy of the documents through the mail, just to complete the formality.

The mail also has the disadvantage of not being as relentless as some process servers would prefer. Sometimes they will deliver the documents on the individual’s front porch or mailbox. That is the most they will do with their deliveries, and anything more than that is out of their depth.

So, all in all, it remains one of the least effective ways for a process server in Oklahoma City to deliver documents to a plaintiff. It is slow, not as relentless, and often done as a formality for the defendant. And while it can be a great way to deliver documents to individuals in more rural areas, it is often not worth the effort.


Couriers are another effective way for process servers in Oklahoma City to deliver the necessary documents. These couriers can often take extra demands, such as getting a signature and retrieving some form of identification. It also helps that these couriers act very similarly to the mail, with the biggest benefit being that it is much faster. Deliveries usually come within a day or two, and they are fast enough to offset the major disadvantage of regular mail.

Couriers will also take signatures from the individual as proof to see if they have received the documents. That signature is acceptable in court to show that the individual received their court notice. Process servers in OKC will often use this method, as they want to send the documents without worrying.

Serving through a courier is the perfect middle ground, which will process servers in Oklahoma City to send the documents without going themselves while not relying on email.

Finding the Right Process Server in OKC

If you are looking for the best process servers in Oklahoma City, then Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers can certainly help. Our process servers have the skills and the experience to serve process to any individual wherever they are. Even when locating them, our process servers know where to start looking.

The right process server in Oklahoma City will easily serve process within the designated time limit, ensuring the case proceeds smoothly. OJPS also offers a wide variety of other legal services that are sure to help you in your case, or other services like skip tracing to help locate people.

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