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Has notary public changed with the prominence of LGBTQIA+ customers

Notary public Oklahoma workers play an essential role in almost every legal system. Their responsibility to collect signatures from clients, while sometimes considered mindless, can sometimes be a difficult task. Since the LGBTQIA+ movement won their fight for rights, many wonder if that entails significant changes to the field itself. More importantly, has it brought about a difference in how Notary Public workers treat the signers, who can now be transgender or part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

How the Field of Notary Public in Oklahoma Has Changed

The changes in the field of notary public signing have seen no major change with the prominence of the LGBTQIA+ community. Since most gay couples still recognize as male or female, Notary Public OKC officials will have no issues. Instead of taking signatures from a man and a woman in certain cases, they will take signatures from both men and women.

Personal beliefs rarely ever intersect here, as the notary public Oklahoma officials do not even have to know if the individual is part of the community. Therefore, prejudice against most LGBTQIA+ individuals has been seeing a downward turn. A lot of this comes down to the notary public officials themselves, who have become much more progressive.

These people have grown up with other LGBTQIA+ individuals, and they rarely hold biased beliefs about the community. Furthermore, even people who might be a little conservative rarely ever openly discriminate against their clients. There is a rich history of social workers or public servants going to court discriminating against certain people.

As a public worker, Notary public OKC officials cannot discriminate against certain people because of their beliefs. Since their responsibility usually entails serving everyone unless the signer does not meet certain criteria. And as you can imagine, the requirements does not include differences in sexual orientation or racial discrimination. Therefore, most notary public officials that would discriminate against certain individuals would do so of their own volition.

When Can They Say No

While a Notary public Oklahoma City cannot say no to a signer depending on their sexual orientation, they can still refuse to offer their services. The National Notary Association has given very specific directions about the circumstances where they can say no to clients.

The most obvious one is if the documents are incomplete or seem forged. If the notary public Oklahoma City official believes that the documents result from some forgery or that the documents are illegal. So if they feel are suspicious of the documents, they can very much walk away from the signer.

Another reason why a notary public official can refuse to offer their services because the individual is not signing willingly. When they have reasonable reason to believe that the signer is being forced or does not want to sign the document willingly, they can walk away. Even if they have already met with the signers, they can walk away. Much like the previous reason, they can defend themselves from a lawsuit and use this as a defence in court.

Finally, one of the most important reasons they could refuse a signer is if they are not mentally capable of signing. Suppose they can see that the individual lacks the mental capacity to sign the documents. Even if the person does not suffer from mental deficiency, the Notary Public OKC official can still refuse if they see that the signer is not mentally stable at the time of signing. In practice, this is good, considering that people will avoid getting into contracts or signing things that they will later regret.

But in practice, it has resulted in some public notary officials furthering their bigotry. They have been especially problematic when dealing with Transgenders of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Treating Transgender Signers Differently

Transgender people remain the black sheep of the LGBTQIA+ community, as they continue to face the most discrimination. Not only do they sometimes look distinct from the rest of the community, but they also happen to be at the forefront of most bigotry. And in the case of a notary public in Oklahoma City, they have been known to discriminate against them specifically.

If the trans individual is more female or male presenting, notary public officials can refuse to offer them services. In some cases, the notary general worker will decline because the individual is not in the right state of mind to sign the documents. Not only is this deeply offensive to various members of the LGBTQIA+ community, but even courts no longer recognize this as a valid excuse.

Finally, the main way that some notary public workers discriminate against members of the LGBTQIA+ community is by saying that they are trying to forge documents. Some Transgender people do not go through gender reassignment surgery but still identify as either non-binary or of the other sex. Therefore, the Notary public official will usually assume that an individual is trying to forge documents. The best way that some firms are combating this is through proper education and a larger emphasis on treating trans individuals.

Of course, some notary public Oklahoma officials will be breaking their guidelines if they refuse to offer members of the LGBTQIA+ community their services.

Finding the Right Representatives for You

The LGBTQIA+ community has been subject to bigotry for many years now, but times are changing. Not only are people becoming much more understanding of their struggles, but the people who would refuse to offer their services have also changed their minds.

If you wish to enlist in notary public services in OKC, then our team of public workers are more than happy to oblige. We deal with all clients, especially those from the LGBTQIA+ community. We also offer a wide range of legal services, ensuring all of your legal needs are met.

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