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OKC Process Server: When Serving and A Cat Answers the Door?

There is no cause for alarm; our furry friends are brilliant and helpful. Don’t be too surprised when this becomes a common phenomenon. Cats are lovely creatures and very easy to train. They can even be prepared to answer the door correctly. When an OKC process server in Oklahoma comes to serve court papers and is faced with a cat that answers the door, You’re either serving a vet or an excellent cat lover.

The white cat at the front door for OKC process server

In either situation, a cat can answer the door for a process server in Oklahoma City coming to serve papers. It’s up to you to play along or even get a furry friend. You never know; they might be as good at serving documents as they are with answering the door.

While you might consider this can’t happen to you, keep in mind that you would be serving papers to people who live in their worlds as an OKC process server. Most of which might involve cats. Before we get right into the steps to take when serving papers and a cat answers the door, let’s look at different scenarios where a process server in Oklahoma might serve papers and be faced with a cat.

Process Server in Tulsa, Oklahoma: When Serving Papers at Work and There’s a Cat

A process server in Tulsa, Oklahoma, delivers some legal documents to an opposing party in the locations like their home. However, you might not be able to complete the service process since not everyone is always at home. Sometimes, they might be busy since their schedule will likely be packed with activities, especially for those deep in the business. Others might abscond from home with plans to evade an OKC process server, gaining a valid reason for a case counter. Therefore, your process server in OKC will need to meet up with them somewhere else to complete the service of the process. One other place to serve an opposition is at work, but it is not a private location. So, let us learn what a process server in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, does when serving an opposing party at work.

While you might think work is the last place you can have a cat answer the door, you might be shocked to find one there when you go to serve papers. First off, cats are not some sit-at-home pets that do nothing else than be fed and cuddled. They are intelligent creatures, and workplaces are beginning to incorporate them into their systems.

Cats at The Work Place: Beyond the Mascot Era

There was a time when most companies had a mascot. It is either included in their logo, commercials, or part of the building aesthetics. Companies incorporate these things from polar bears to chickens and fruits to represent something in their company. These companies could tie it to their company values, vision, mission, or even a marketing strategy. These characters are known as mascots. Most of the mascots are represented by a particular type of animal. Although not the animal in itself, most times just a representation of it.

However, in recent times, companies and brands are beginning to incorporate our furry friends beyond an inflated balloon at the front of the office building. Even OJPS supports our furry friends, making things move here and there. You can also walk in and have the door answered by a cat. So, if you have plans to serve papers to a company or brand branded as the mascot, then there are high chances that a cat might answer the door when an OKC process server goes to serve papers.

Workplaces You Can Walk into To Serve Papers as an OKC Process Server in Oklahoma City, And A Cat Can Answer the Door.

If you still haven’t figured it out, serving people papers at work is a thing for a process server in Oklahoma City. The chances of a cat opening the door for you when you come to serve papers as a process server in Oklahoma City are primarily determined by the organization’s operations or workplace policies.

A Vet Clinic

Here’s a very plain answer sitting in plain sight. If you are on your way to serving papers as an OKC process server at a workplace that functions as a vet clinic, then it should be very little surprise when a cat answers the door.

A Wildlife Conservation Center

Here is another workplace where the chances of having a cat open the door when a process server in Oklahoma goes to serve legal papers are increasingly high. A lot of creativity takes place predominantly in this particular workplace. A wildlife conservation center will have cats doing more sophisticated stuff than opening the door.

The Zoo

If you are serving legal papers to people at work, you might serve to one who works at a park/zoo. Modern-day zoos have gone beyond keeping animals in cages. You can watch them engage more with their environments and perform more specific tasks. You might walk into the administrative office to serve papers as an OKC process server and come face to face with a cat. That cat just might be the one that answers the door.

If They Use a Lot of Cats in Their Commercials, One Might Open the Door for You.

Asides from vet clinics and conservation centers, other organizations might also have a cat at the door. Most especially organizations that do not have a standing no-pet policy. You just might walk into Oklahoma Judicial Process Server and find a cat answering the door for you. If you happen to see a lot of cats in their ads and commercials, the chances are that you might run into a couple of them while going to serve papers.

An even higher chance that they might be the ones to open the door for an OKC process server.

Steps an OKC Process Server Should Take When Service Court Paper Document Papers and A Cat Answers the Door

If the cat answers the door and stands right at the door, It might signify that you are not to come in yet.

In some cases, the owner walks in right after the cat to see who is at the door. You might want to hold on in such situations, especially when the cat sits on your path.

Additionally, the cat might answer the door and walk right in. That’s a good chance you should follow up, and it’s safe to come in. You will most likely find the owner sitting comfortably awaiting your entrance.

As an OKC process server, if a cat answers the door, know that they possess enough intelligence and training. Therefore, there is no cause for alarm as a process server in Oklahoma. Just go with the flow!

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