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The Craziest Documented PI Cases

Private Investigator Oklahoma City

Even though there is a very strict code of confidentiality when it comes to private investigation, there are some cases that can be very eye-opening for other aspiring investigators and are thus discussed. Other cases are discussed purely because of their shock factor. Here are some of the craziest documented private investigator cases to date.

Church Or Satanic Cult?

An arson investigator once came across a person whose house had been set on fire. The client had a suspicion that the church right next to his home had set his house to burn. The client had told the private detective that the churchgoers had prayed that his car would break down, which it did. They have prayed his house would catch on fire and that ended up happening. However, afterwards, the private investigator found out that the person’s ex-boyfriend had set the house on fire.

Disabled Nurse or Stripper?

Any private investigator from OKC can safely say that some company or the other have hired them to check someone who has claimed work cover. One private investigator had to do surveillance on a nurse who had claimed she was disabled and thus, unable to work. The hospital did suspect her of working so the investigator had to follow her and within 20 minutes he was let to a strip club where he could clearly see that she was more than fine and healthy. The strip club did not allow videos to be taken so the investigator went to watch her in order to be able to testify in court. He has also followed her and found her working at three more strip clubs. She told the judge that she was making more than twice the money stripping than nursing. Thus, her injury claims were reclaimed.

Paranormal Activity?

Any private investigator from Oklahoma City can attest to the fact that the most common work they get is by people who want to investigate alien abductions or other supernatural occurrences. A client told a private investigator to check out his neighbor while he knocks over the trashcans in the dead of night. Once the night vision camera was set up, it turned out that the wind was knocking them down. The client, instead of believing that, said that the neighbor has the flash speed or is using an invisibility cloak to do so. The client pays a thousand dollars for the PI to catch the neighbor using a heat-seeking camera.

These are just a few of the crazy stories that take place every day in the world of private investigation.

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