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5 Things You Should Know Before Taking A Polygraph Test

Know Before Taking A Polygraph Test

Polygraph tests are standard instigative techniques used by Law enforcement agencies, private investigators, public defenders, and authorized companies.

Know Before Taking A Polygraph Test

This technique detects lies, and professional polygraph examiners always handle it. Oklahoma State wide Private Investigation is an example of a private investigator agency running a polygraph examination OKC division.

Polygraph examiners Oklahoma are so experienced that trying to beat the polygraph test will only make you look stupid. The polygraph examiner OKC can detect you’re lying by merely looking at you.

This is an indication of how experienced polygraph examiners Oklahoma city are. Hence, there’s a need to know certain tips that can help you prepare well and pass your polygraph test, especially polygraph examination Oklahoma.

They are certain important things you need to know before taking a polygraph test, irrespective of the type. However, let’s look into the polygraph test techniques before listing these factors.

Types Of Polygraph Tests

While the standard Polygraph test is always the Control question test (CQT), there are times whereby the test format may come as a Directed Lie Test (DLT) or Guilty Knowledge Test (GKT).

Below are detailed explanations about how each test type works:

Controlled Question Test — This involves mixing general questions that are not relating to the case with relevant ones that point towards the case specifically.

Controlled questions are structured such that the majority of their answers are ‘Yes’ even though a lot of people will be tempted to say ‘No.’

These questions are used to get the baseline of the examinee’s physiological reaction to lies. Those reactions will be compared with the one recorded when answering relevant questions to determine whether or not the examinee is telling the truth.

Examples of such questions are ‘Have you ever lied to your parents before?’ ‘Have you taken something without permission before?’ etc.?

Directed Lie Test — In a Directed Lie Test (DLT), you will be asked several questions by the Polygraph examiner, under the instruction that you must lie about these questions.

This helps the polygraph examiner assess your physiological responses to telling a lie by reviewing the questions they are confident you lied about.

The DLT test can be quite tricky, and like most polygraph tests, it’s advisable not to rely on your logic.

Guilty Knowledge Test — The GKT method of polygraph examination involves you answering multiple-choice questions about different facts which only you and the examiner know about.

GKT questions are mostly case-related, and at the end of the test, your verbal responses will be contrasted with your physiological reactions to know the truth.

Your polygraph test will come in any of these formats, but the most likely one will be the Controller Question Test. It is the most used in polygraph examination in Oklahoma city, and it’s highly favored by most polygraph examiners under the Oklahoma Judicial Process server and Keefe Private Investigation.

Knowing what your polygraph test may be like, below are other things to know before taking a polygraph test.

Five Things To Know Before Taking A Polygraph Test

You must have written a lot of exams and tests during your academic pursuit, job hunting, etc. But polygraph tests aren’t like that.

You don’t have to read or find likely questions. The one advice most of the polygraph examiners Oklahoma city gave is to just ‘Be Yourself.’

Without further Ado, here are the five primary things to keep at the back of your mind before taking a Polygraph test:

It’s Not As Hard As It Seems

By the time you work out of the polygraph examiner’s office, you’ll realize it’s one of the easiest tests you’ve ever taken. You can only experience this if you don’t overthink much about the test and eliminate nervousness.

To make your test go well, familiarize yourself with the methodology and how the polygrapher works. Ensure you avoid sites that promote anti-polygraph and those that spread horrendous stories about it. This won’t do much to help your confidence.

Hence, you should know that overthinking and nervousness won’t help you much. Try reducing it drastically while also eliminating fear.

Consider Your Health And Well Being

It’s essential to ensure that your body is in its best state before going for a polygraph test. Stick to your normal routine, and don’t try to ditch anyone due to the test, as this may affect you.

If you’re on any medication, communicate with the polygraph examiner to know whether it’s fair enough to take the test while using the medication.

Also, professional examiners advise pregnant women to either stay clear of polygraph tests or seek advice from their physicians. Individuals suffering from colds are also not advised to take the test.

Putting your health and well-being into consideration is one recipe that can help you pass the test. Don’t compromise on anything that can affect both factors for the test.

You’re Mostly Restricted To Straight Answers

As mentioned earlier, polygraph tests are different from your academic or job interview tests. You may not have the liberty to give answers other than ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ except the examiner permits you to explain further.

You must think carefully before providing an answer.

Don’t Try To Manipulate Your Way Through

Logic is useless for polygraph tests. Also, asking previous examinees questions will only set you up for failing the test. Examiners will ask if you’ve read up about the test, researched, and made inquiries, and all these may affect your final result if you try to play smart with the response.

Complete Necessary Documentation

Sometimes, you’re required to fill some forms like the security clearance form and the ones requiring your authorization. This is dependent on the purpose of taking the test. However, you must complete all due process before going for your test.

Wearing comfortable clothes, eating well to avoid being hungry, and getting proper rest a day before the test are basic things that one should know and not compromise. Remember, it’s just a polygraph test, and it won’t last the whole day.

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