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Criminal Background Checks: An Unfortunate Tool of Racial Discrimination

Criminal background checks are nothing new. The US and many other countries have a history of employing them as part of a hiring, certification or licensing. Many of the top job offering companies and corporate firms rely on criminal background checks as part of their hiring process. However, the focus of this post will be on the use of criminal background checks as an unethical tool for racial discrimination.

You may already know that there are major concerns concerning racial profiling and discrimination regarding certain groups in the US. This includes the LGBTQIA+ community and other minority groups, such as African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Latinos, etc. Although running criminal background checks is the right of a legitimate business, it can be used as a dangerous tool for leaving a specific group unemployed and underprivileged.

Criminal Background Checks and Racial Discrimination: A Strong Debate

Firstly, you should know that rates of criminal activity are increasing. With that being said, some people think that racial discrimination is causing an unprecedented increase in recidivism rates. This phenomenon severely affects the minority population, which makes up for over half of the criminal activities in the US despite their low proportion to the overall population (i.e., only around 30%).

The minority population prominently includes LGBTQIA+, African-Americans, Latinos, Asian-Americans, and other ethnic groups in the US. The growing rate of criminal activities in the US is affecting the hiring process since running criminal background checks is a priority for most businesses during their recruitment processes.

A criminal background check reveals a person’s criminal history, social security number, convictions, and offense/conviction counts. While this sounds extremely convenient to learn, certain claims suggest that it has led to increased criminal activity as per the recidivism concept. It’s because most minorities make up the highest proportion of illegal activities. Therefore, their background checks cause them to be viewed separately from the rest of the communities.

Employment Hurdles Faced by Minorities in the US

We learn that minorities carry the highest felony counts and conviction rates as we see the statistics. The numbers make them seem unsuitable for employment at renowned businesses and corporate firms. Criminal background checks allow businesses and big-profile industry leaders to reject job applications and deny positions to applicants with felony charges and convictions. But almost always, they are simply looking to turn their lives around by getting a job.

With the discovery of relevant data through a statewide criminal background check, anyone can learn about a person’s felony and conviction counts within a state. You must know that while running a criminal background check in Oklahoma City helps screen candidates suitable for the job, it could result in unfair and unjust bias against those with a conviction history.

Most experts and professionals argue that the growing number of criminal activities and their attribution to minorities is solely recidivism. Since employers deny opportunities to members of minority groups due to a past conviction history in the US, it could be the reason why former felons turn back to a life of crime. The chances of re-offending due to a lack of employment opportunities and social bias based on unfair criminal activity prejudice are higher for minorities.

When you look on the bright side, you’ll learn that consistent employment opportunities and benefits help reduce the chances of re-offending. But despite that, the identification of people through their past conviction history based on several nationwide criminal background checks has led to discrimination in important aspects of life. These include education, employment, and entrepreneurial opportunities.

The Process of Running a Criminal Background Check

Here, we will discuss how professionals run a criminal background check. You mustn’t think that running a criminal background check in Oklahoma City or any other part of the US is a felony. It’s a reliable means of ensuring that you know the people you’re hiring and meet certain requirements. Here’s how a typical business can rely on a trustworthy private investigation agency to run a criminal background check in Oklahoma City:

  • Step 1

Professionals will draft a policy to ensure that all criminal background checks are based on several rules and regulations before the company makes an employment decision. Ethical businesses must prevent unfair bias and unfair means of rejecting a job offer to someone. That will be unmistakable evidence of discrimination despite the legal process of running a criminal background check.

  • Step 2

After a consistent criminal background check policy is in place, the professionals will ensure that it complies with the Fair Credit Reporting Act or FCRA. Additionally, the policy will be run by Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Getting legal counsel might help ensure up-to-date compliance according to recent changes or updates.

  • Step 3

The next step is to ensure that the business is with the right private investigation agency to run a criminal background check in OKC.

  • Step 4

The business will inform chosen candidates about the possibility and intention of running a criminal background check by having their consent verbally and in writing. Suppose the party is unfair and rejects a job application based on a bias (bad criminal background check results). In that case, the candidate has a right to object and correct the agency for including inaccurate information.

Choose the Best Criminal Background Check Agency in Oklahoma City

Do you wish to run a legally qualified criminal background check in Oklahoma City? If so, look no further. At Keefe Private Investigations (also Oklahoma Statewide Private Investigations), Dr. Tinsley Keefe and Dr. Makayla Saramosing offer reliable investigation services. You can rely on various sources and tools, whether you wish to run a skip trace, criminal background check, or investigate a “what if” case before it’s too late.

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