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Process Server License- Would Oklahoma Bill Limit Its Approval?

You could say that a process server in OKC is mainly a disinterested or a third party. The process server in Oklahoma City primarily receives a license from the courts. With this license, they gain the authority to serve civil processes on governmental agencies, businesses, and other individuals.

Would Oklahoma Bill Limit Its Approval

It is necessary for every process server in Oklahoma or a process server in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to follow a licensing process. They must also follow the rules set down by Oklahoma State for civil procedures. Every process server in Edmond, Oklahoma, must adhere to the rules of civil procedure and possess a state wide license.

A state wide license is mandatory for all those who fall under the following categories:

A process server in Altus Oklahoma

A process server in Lawton Oklahoma

a process server in Enid Oklahoma

a process server in Broken Arrow Oklahoma

a process server in Ardmore Oklahoma

But recently, there have been debates regarding the limitation on approval of the process server in Oklahoma state wide licenses due to the Oklahoma bill. Let’s learn about it in detail below.

Oklahoma Bill- Its Impact on the Statewide License of Process Servers in Oklahoma

According to the recent updates, the possibility of the Oklahoma bill coming into action could mean a prohibition for those suffering a conviction of violent crimes. This pertains to individuals who had to register under the Registration Act of Sex Offenders. This prohibition would also apply to those who have the felony for using for license renewal or approval of a process server in Oklahoma license.

This bill came into public knowledge in February 2019. It was titled OK HB 1162, and Senator Darrell Weaver and Representative Rande Worth sponsored it. As of present, the rules say that those applying for a license as a process server in Oklahoma City must meet the following requirements:

          should be 18 years of age or older

          Must be a permanent resident of Oklahoma. They would only be eligible if they possess Oklahoma residency of no less than six months.

          Must be morally and ethically fit

          Must be bonded and licensed

The Oklahoma bill also consists of a specific text, which would add to the rules restricting the individuals applying for the license. Moreover, it would also limit the approval for the license of the OKC process server. Simultaneously, it would also restrict the license approval if someone is already licensed.

The following are glimpses of the said text:

          Any individual who bears conviction of a violent crime, a crime requiring registration of pursuant under the Sex Offenders Act, as per the definition of title 57 in section 571 of the Oklahoma Statutes, in Oklahoma State or another must be prohibited from obtaining or applying for a license for a process server in Oklahoma City.

          If an individual currently has a license of a process server in Oklahoma and possesses a previous conviction for a felony for a crime that enumerates in title 57 of section 571 of the Oklahoma statutes, or involvement in an offense requiring registration of pursuant by a person, under Sex Offenders Registration Act, is prohibited from applying for license renewal. This is stated in subsection C.

According to the updated text, as per the rewording of the rule provided by the bill, extending to process serving in all service of process in addition to civil cases, is as follows:

Section 158.1 A.

          Court documents relating to the return or service of process in civil cases may be by an unauthorized individual holding a license for a process server in Oklahoma.

          Any presiding judge in the district of the judicial administrative where the country resides, or any district judge belonging to the county or any associate district judge, may have the authorization for issuing licenses to facilitate the service of process for court documents in civil cases for persons have the qualification to do so.

Bonding Requirements of Oklahoma Laws

As per the laws stipulated by Oklahoma State, a process server in Oklahoma must possess a bond of $5,000 from any private surety company. As for other insurance, it is unnecessary for a process server in Oklahoma City to have one.

However, it is a good practice for Oklahoma judicial process servers and a process server in Edmond, Oklahoma, to possess professional liability insurance. As for the requirements for process servers in Oklahoma or Enid, OK in other jurisdictions and states differ.

An individual must check with the local court clerk or private investigation agencies for the requirements process servers in Oklahoma must meet.

Final Thoughts

The primary function of a process server in Oklahoma City is to serve legal documents to an individual or defendant partaking in the court proceedings. However, for serving the documents, a process server must ensure to be in accordance with the jurisdiction or laws of the area or county of service.

 A process server in OKC can serve documents in four ways to governmental agencies, business organizations, or individuals in Oklahoma. A company, agency, or person may serve apers of the court through a sheriff’s deputy, certified mail, or a process server in Oklahoma City.

While there are significant advantages to each, a process server in OKC must be licensed and bonded to serve the process of civil procedures. Recently, there has been news of amendments in the approval and renewal of licenses of process servers in OKC due to the Oklahoma bill.

The bill, two important sponsors, introduced in 2019, has prohibited the approval, obtaining, and renewal of licenses in the case of individuals. 

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