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Women-Owned Private Investigation Agency in OKC to Conduct OK Child Custody Private Investigations

Child Custody Women Owned PI Agency in OK

Regarding child custody, hiring a private Investigation agency that is women-owned is essential. A child custody battle can be stressful for both parties. Preparing to win is crucial. It is because the family court is looking at what is best for the child or children.

You will get evidence that has the potential to make you win with the help of a private investigator. Here, you won’t be focused on only giving accusations that are seen as emotionally based. But ones that have concrete evidence which is believable.

What Is a Child Custody Investigation?

In most divorce or custody cases, the goal of a child custody investigation is to look into how the child is receiving treatment and care from their parents. You want the child to have the best possible life and ensure they receive the best care. This makes it essential to hire a private investigator in Edmond, Oklahoma.

When you hire a women-owned private investigation agency, they will help observe objectively how children interact with and receive treatments from their parents. The evidence deduced has a lot of impact on the trial’s outcome. It is usually given to a lawyer or parent to receive the evidence to help evaluate who should have custody. The evidence presented by a private detective usually supports arriving at a decision made objectively.

Reasons to Hire a Women-Owned Private Investigation Agency

Hiring a private investigator in Norman, Oklahoma, is beneficial. They include:

Carrying Out Surveillance

The first benefit of hiring a private investigation agency in Oklahoma to carry out a private investigation in a child custody case is for surveillance to be carried out. Through surveillance, adequate and unbiased knowledge about how the child is loved, cared for, and treated by their parents are determined. The investigation is usually legal, so the documents obtained are admissible as evidence. The surveillance could have photos, videos, or witness interviews as proof.

It can also be proof in a situation where the child is neglected or not well taken of. If the guardian of the child or parent carries out criminal activities on the child, the court is aware of it. Parents are also unfit to be a child’s guardian because they engage in drug abuse, gambling, criminal activities, reckless driving, etc., which hurts the child. These influence the court’s decision.

Additionally, a private investigator OKC can bring needed proof to show that the living space is unclean or unsafe. The information can help the family court look for alternative accommodations for the child.

Social Media knowledge

During a child custody case, you can hire a private investigation agency to help you carry out investigations on the people closely involved in a child’s life. One way is through social media knowledge. You can glean a lot from the social media profiles of parents, siblings, cousins, or extended relatives.

The knowledge there will make the court more aware of the kind of beliefs and training the child will receive. Another decision is if the environment and training are unsuitable for the child. Alternatively, the private investigator can carry out extensive background research or check.

Gathering Testimonies

To find out how the child is being treated while in the care of the father holding or the child’s parent, a private investigator in Oklahoma is in a position to speak with witnesses on the client’s behalf. Witness statements are considered precious evidence and can significantly affect the case’s outcome. A parent will want a negative impact.

Witness testimonies may also be helpful in your defence if you are being criticized or have your reputation under attack. There are instances where an ex-spouse claims that the client is an addict with a history of abuse who has relapsed into the lifestyle. An investigator will gather witness testimony from friends, family, and possibly sponsors to see whether that is genuine or simply a personal assault.

Testifying on Your Behalf

When you hire a private investigation agency, the private investigator in charge of your case can choose to testify on your behalf. Courts usually accept these testimonies because it is derivable from an objective point of view. The investigators, especially from women-owned private investigation agencies in Oklahoma City, usually put the child’s interest as Paramount.

Couples fighting for the child’s or children’s custody usually want to portray how good of a parent they are, which is sometimes untrue. So, a private investigator will present the facts and everything needed to know about the parents of the child and what they do daily.

Cases a Child Custody Private Investigation Agency Can Help With

Uncovering Cases of Abuse and Neglect

Hiring Keefe Private Investigations will help you get information on whether a child is receiving abuse or neglect from those taking care of them. Most abused kids have no one to talk to. But, when the court or parent receives information about the abuse, they can quickly remove the child from such an unsafe situation.

Custody Violation

A private investigation agency OKC will get you the proof you will need evidence in court if you think the other parent or guardian disobeys the custody arrangement’s provisions. In cases of custody violations, courts sometimes come up with better alternatives.

A private investigator can gather proof of infractions like failing to pick up or drop off the child at the appointed times, having questionable and risky associates near the child, or simply not taking the child when the court has scheduled appointments. This can reflect negatively on the ability of the guardian or parent to take care of the child.


Child support obligations and custody arrangements may have an impact because of cohabitation. If you think your child’s other parent or guardian is living with someone else but isn’t disclosing it, a private investigator can help find out and prove this. Additionally, the Court’s decision may impact if that person is not treating the child well.

Final Thoughts

Women-owned private investigation agency will help carry out the investigation you need. You can make the child custody case work in your favor with the proof you get.

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