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How private investigations help with stalkers

Private investigators are professionals who play the critical role of harm prevention for people under the threat of a stalker. You may have seen stalking in movies and other forms of media, but unless you have suffered from an experience with a stalker, you are most likely to deny that it can ever occur. Stalking is a malicious act that women are most vulnerable to. A cunning stalker is an individual that uses manipulative means to stalk you without you ever finding out.

Disturbing Psychology of a Stalker

The vast majority of all stalking is domestic. This means that the perpetrator is usually someone that the victim knows. It can be a friend, a member of your family, and more commonly, a former partner. Stalking also varies in intensity. It can sometimes be very mild and without any motive.

Most stalking victims do not even realize that there is a stalker following them. If you want to assess whether you have had a stalker chase you around, then find out whether you have ever received an unknown and unwanted gift.

Another sign that indicates a clear stalking experience involves a series of phone calls that you may have received, or even an anonymous mail. If yes, then there is a great chance that someone stalked you in the past. Domestic stalking cases usually involve ex-partners.

Following an emotional break-up, obsessive behaviors can emerge from either of the partners. The stalker, in this case, carries out this disturbing act merely out of obsession, lust, and other mixes of emotions.

When one partner starts to ignore the other, the stalker feels like they lost the other person and cannot accept this loss. They cannot digest the thought of losing them, and it becomes a thought that is incomprehensible to them.

This grief in some people triggers a panic attack, and many stalkers equate it to a panic response. They then become obsessed with trying everything to re-establish the lost connection, and they will go to any measures to do that.

Most stalkers also have a borderline personality disorder. When this personality trait gets matched with an obsessive realization of a break-up, you end up with a disastrous outcome. In many cases, many females and members of the LGBTQ community have faced stalkers that were their former lovers.

How can Private Investigators Help?

Private investigators can be very helpful for vulnerable individuals under threat. These investigators can make sure whether you are being stalked or not. Since it is difficult to tell whether someone is stalking you, you need a professional that will carry out expert surveillance so that they can spot the stalker and collect photographic evidence so that the victim can use it against them in court.

Eugene Vidocq founded the private investigator agency. He was a French soldier who also pioneered some criminology techniques that seasoned private investigators still use. Private investigators came into existence to replace official law enforcers for matters that they were unwilling to perform.

They also did mercenary work along with private investigations. Currently, private investigators have several restrictions by the law and do not have the same freedom as they once did. However, when it comes to the act of stalking, private investigators have all the skills and capabilities to locate the perpetrator and put them to justice.

When private investigators surveil individuals, they record their activities in public places most of the time. They are allowed to observe discreetly as long as they are not harming anyone. Therefore a private investigator will be critical for stalking-related cases. This is mainly because most of the time, stalkers will follow victims around public spaces where they can easily hide and blend with the public.

This means hiring a private investigator will be like hunting down the hunter. Many private investigators have licenses to perform a citizen’s arrest. This means that they can intrude and stop the intruder if they feel like they are about to harm the victim.

In some aspects of private investigation, investigators have the right to access databases and tools that the general public does not allow. These databases consist of public records that include tax records, real estate transactions, death and birth records, and more.

Jobs of Private Investigators

Private investigator’s caseloads often include background investigation, surveillance, missing people searches, skip tracing, and more. They also have the right to serve legal documents, notifying people about their involvement in legal proceedings. This is why many people know private investigators as process servers.

Local process serving roles allow private investigators to handle and deliver legal documents to their legal owners. Court documents can include restraining orders, divorce papers, complaints, and other legal processes. As process servers, they have the responsibility to knock on the individual’s door, hand them the legal documents personally, and make sure that the person receives them. They are the physical messengers that let concerned parties know they have been served.

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