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Process Serving in OK: Waiting & Watching for an Individual to Come Home and Someone Calls the Police

Waiting & Watching for an Individual to Come Home and Someone Calls the Police

Process serving in Oklahoma comes with different challenges. As a process server OKC, it’s almost impossible not to face a new challenge while delivering your duty daily.

Experience and knowledge of the law are the two essential skills that help a process server Oklahoma overcome these challenges. Process serving would be easier if other means of service could be used without first trying direct service.

However, the law doesn’t support this, and most of the challenges process servers Oklahoma City face discourages them from trying to serve a defendant directly.

Staking out a defendant’s house is one of the techniques process servers Ardmore Oklahoma employs to serve a process directly. This allows the process server to know when the defendant is home or when he returns.

It is a lawful means that every process server in Oklahoma City employs. However, neighbors may not know the mission of a stranger sitting in a parked car in their neighborhood for long.

This suspicion may prompt them to call the Police on the process server Edmond Oklahoma. If such a situation happens, there are things a process server in OKC can do to avoid the matter getting out of hand.

The process server needs to avoid a confrontation that may result in violence or physical altercation. This may attract an arrest, fine, sanction, or revoking license.

Thus, to avoid any of these, a process server in Oklahoma City can do any of the following:

Engage the Police Calmly and Courteously

If the police officers give room for discussion (which is most likely), ensure you remain calm and courteous while discussing with them and stating your reason for being there. Police officers are law enforcers, and they won’t do anything relating to obstruction of justice.

Hence, if the process server Broken Arrow Oklahoma can make a case for himself, he’ll be allowed to continue his job. However, in a case whereby the process server Oklahoma’s replies are incoherent, fidgety, and somehow unprecedented, the police officers may be forced to make an arrest, in an attempt to uncover the truth.

Properly Identify Yourself

Your calm engagement with the Police should lead to your proper identification. As a process server Lawton Oklahoma or a process server belonging to any process serving company in Oklahoma, you should have a recognizable identity card.

This can save you from possible embarrassment or assault. Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers are urged to move around with their means of identification in case of this.

By identifying yourself, you can be allowed to continue with your duty, and the Police can even offer you any help you may need.

Call the Legal Practitioner

This becomes necessary when you see that the first two steps mentioned above prove futile. You can calmly follow the law enforcers to the station while calling the legal practitioner you work for to come bail you out.

The legal practitioner can back up your claim and use an in-depth understanding of the law to free you without any fine or sanction. It is essential to make sure that your lawyer knows about your service method and approves of it.

This ensures that any information passed across during a distress call doesn’t catch the lawyer by surprise, and he can promptly respond to it with the best possible approach.

Provide Your License (If need be)

Here’s another way to arrest the situation before it blows out of proportion. Your license of practice is far superior to any form of identity card. If verified, it can get you out of any potential trouble.

Every process server Enid Oklahoma and other process servers in Oklahoma City must have a license of practice. It gives them the liberty to perform their duty as process servers.

Precautions a Process Server Oklahoma must take When Waiting & Watching for an Individual to Come Home.

To avoid any Police confrontation during a stakeout, or to help you get out of the situation easily, here are necessary precautions to take:

Avoid Trespassing

Ensure that the space you’re parked isn’t within the defendant’s property. This is important to ensure the law is backing you, and you’re not trespassing.

The law provision for serving processes in Oklahoma doesn’t permit a process server to trespass or break into a home. So, if you’re sure you’re not overreaching in the spot you are, you should have no issues with the Police when they arrive.

It’s normal for neighbors to call law enforcers based on suspicion, but you should have no problem if where you are isn’t unlawful.

Avoid Odd Hour Stake-out

While Oklahoma doesn’t have service hours, unlike other states, process servers should avoid odd hour stakeout to prevent scenarios like this.

It’s quite understandable that some defendants may be very elusive that you only get to reach them during this hour. However, other service means can be deployed if such is the case.

Even if there’s no specified service hour in OKC, a process server Tulsa, Oklahoma, can always set one for himself. But, it shouldn’t be during odd hours of the night.

Always Keep your I.Ds & License Within Close Reach

Either during the day, early in the morning, or late at night, a process server Altus Oklahoma should always have important identification documents.

These documents help you get out of messy situations when they occur, and they prove that you have the backing of the law with your activities.

Avoid Physical Altercations

Physical altercations can leave you at a loss on both ends. This implies that you may be charged for assault and still miss out on serving your target. Hence if any of the proper steps don’t work for you, you can honorably leave the vicinity without any altercations.


It’s essential for a process server in Oklahoma City to always act within the constraints of the law and be as professional as possible when their duty is challenged.

Politeness, proper identification, proof of service validity, and other necessary precautions can save the day and avoid any messy situation.

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