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How Do Process Servers in OKC Scared of Cats and Dogs Handle Deliveries

Do you require the services of a process server in Oklahoma City or any other city in the State of Oklahoma? If so, you’re at the right place! But first, do you know that some Oklahoma process servers are scared of pets like ferocious cats and heavy-built dogs? The issue is gaining increasing attention from multiple process servers and their clients. Since process servers usually deliver reports and other judicial material at clients’ doorsteps, they can’t ignore the presence of pets such as dogs and cats in their client’s homes.

So, what do process servers in OKC scared of cats and dogs do when trying to make deliveries? Do they still reach out to the client at their home? Process servers play an important role in judiciary tasks and court case processing. Therefore, when a process server in Oklahoma is scared of dogs and cats, they go for alternative delivery methods. Some of those methods involve slightly higher costs and time but are convenient for clients.

Why Are Some Oklahoma Process Servers Scared of Cats and Dogs?

Among your friends and family, you may already know about some people who’re scared of cats, dogs, and other typical household pets. Well, if you know how it feels to entertain a friend or family member scared of such pets, the case is no different with process servers. Those that are scared will try to maintain contact for as little time as possible. That’s because people with a fear of interacting with cats and dogs assume that the interaction will ultimately result in some form of injury or damage.

On the other hand, some process servers in Oklahoma City and other regions of the state are scared of cats and dogs because of allergies. Many breeds of pets like cats and dogs have heavy coats of fur, which leads to pet hair around the house. Besides, when the owner opens up the door, their pet cat or dog is bound to come along. So, a process server in Oklahoma City allergic to cat and dog fur might limit their interaction to a few minutes only.

The process server in OKC might assume that interacting with cats and dogs will result in allergic reactions, causing discomfort. So, what does a process server turn to in a case like that? When a process server scared of cats and dogs wishes to deliver to a client or case subject at their home, here’re the alternatives that they turn to.

Process Servers in Oklahoma and Alternative Delivery Methods

You may already know the types of documents and reports that process servers serve their subjects and assigned individuals. If you don’t know already, here’s a short list of some of the most important documents that a process server in Oklahoma is entitled to serve as per the judicial requirements:

  • Subpoenas
  • Complaints
  • Summons
  • Court Orders

To deliver documents and important material like that, here’re the delivery methods process servers in Oklahoma rely on:

Teaming Up with a Pet Caretaker or Handler

Sometimes, a process server may have a highly important document to deliver. That’s why they may have to get to the doorstep of the recipient at all costs. However, knowing that the recipient owns a pet cat or dog may increase the chances of the process server getting scared. For that sole reason, some process servers care to take a pet animal handler with them. Knowing that a professional animal enthusiast and handler is by their side, process servers feel safe.

Leaving Deliveries at Workplace

Not all process servers go to the recipients’ homes. Some try to land the deliveries during the daytime when most recipients aren’t home but rather at their workplace. So, a process server who’s scared of pet cats and dogs finds it a good opportunity to visit the recipient’s workplace. People rarely take their pet cats and dogs to work, so there’s really no need for process servers to feel sacred.

Sending Service to Lawyers

One of the best tactics deployed by process servers in Oklahoma scared of cats and dogs is contacting the recipient’s lawyers. How does that help? Well, legally, lawyers are allowed to accept subpoenas, complaints, and other important documents on behalf of clients. So, a process server may not have to visit the home and can easily eliminate chances of meeting a pet cat or dog.

Lawyers will confirm the identity of their client, i.e., the recipient of the service. Once the identity is confirmed, the process server can drop the service at the lawyers.’ However, the ongoing proceedings will directly deal with the lawyer and whether they informed the client.

Direct Mail or Dropping at a Known Location

All the process server needs to do is confirm the identity to get the “served” pass. If an OKC process server is scared of pet cats and dogs, they can leave the service on the car of the recipient or any direct location that’s under the possession of the recipient. Being scared of cats and dogs may look trivial to others, but it’s a huge deal for some people.

So, when a process server is denying interaction and contact whatsoever, they can confirm the identity of the recipient and also serve them through direct mail.

Hire the Right Process Server in Oklahoma City

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