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Can Conduct Siege Serves on Difficult Oklahoma Process Serving Defendants

Siege Serves on Difficult Oklahoma Process Serving

How a Process Server in Edmond, Oklahoma, at a Private Investigation Agency in Norman, Oklahoma, Can Conduct Siege Serves on Difficult Oklahoma Process Serving Defendants

Process servers in Edmond, Oklahoma, working at a private investigation agency in Norman, Oklahoma, have different kinds of experience with each Oklahoma process serving defendants they face. Some defendants give process servers in Norman, Oklahoma, the least problem — paper serving goes smoothly, without any need for alternative methods or inviting law enforcers. In contrast, others may give them sleepless nights due to their various evasive tactics to escape the law.

Any process server in Tulsa, Oklahoma, working under a private investigation agency in Norman, Oklahoma, must have in-depth knowledge about the process serving laws  in Oklahoma. This helps the process server in Oklahoma City deliver services to clients’ satisfaction without going against the law. Most process serving defendants in Oklahoma City usually try to frustrate the process server in OKC, prompting them to deliver services unconstitutionally.

Doing this gives defendants a soft landing in court, by leveraging a knowledgeable legal representative to explore loopholes. Thus, process servers in Edmond, Oklahoma, must keep their cool, irrespective of the difficulty they may face from the defendant.

The process service Oklahoma provision gives numerous alternatives a process server Edmond, OKC can explore to serve papers to an evasive defendant. It permits the process server to be creative, if direct service isn’t possible.

Siege serving is one of the creative ways a process server in Edmond, Oklahoma, can use, to serve a difficult Oklahoma process serving defendants.

What is Siege Serving?

Siege serving is a process serving technique most process servers under reputable process serving organizations like OJPS (Oklahoma Judicial Process Server) and private investigation agencies like KPI (Keefe’s Private Investigation) use to serve difficult defendants that choose to castle up in their homes without answering the door or coming out.

It involves waiting out of the defendant’s house to watch from morning to night or overnight to get them when they arrive or leave the house. This process serving takes a lot, but certain tips and guides can help the process server in Edmond, Oklahoma, go through it seamlessly.

We look into it below:

Check the local process serving law on processing days & time.

Cities and states do have regulations on time and days of service. In some states, it’s illegal to deliver papers on weekends, while some other states frown at services after work hours.

Being conversant with these laws will help the process server gauge his siege duration, and streamline the method to help the process server OKC achieve the desired result.

However, this is a disadvantage to the process server in Edmond, Oklahoma, as the evading defendants may leverage the immunity time to move freely.

Be with your license and any valid means of identification

While the defendant may know you’re a process server in Oklahoma, the neighbors may think otherwise and call the police on you if your constant siege is becoming a threat.

Thus, it’s essential to carry your license, valid I.D, and other documents that proves your identity. This will save you from harassment and unnecessary altercations with a police officer.

Notify your agency about it

The process server in Edmond, Oklahoma, must ensure that the private investigator agency in OKC he belongs to is aware and approving of the method of process serving. The plaintiff should be aware and approving also.

Constant progress reporting during the siege can save the process server from any difficult situation that may warrant the agency’s intervention. This would be hard to come by if the agency wasn’t aware of the siege.

Thus, a process server in Oklahoma must always get permission and make it a habit to give updated reports periodically, which can be crucial in an emergency.

 Find a companion, if possible.

Siege service can be boring and frustrating, especially if the defendant plans to castle up for long. However, you can solve this problem by having a companion during the service.

Your first option of a company is having a cat. Cats are great companion animals that help reduce stress, improve cardiovascular health, and boost mood. A well-trained cat can provide the company you need during this long, boring service process.

The plaintiff can also be present during the siege if possible. This could reduce the possibility of harassment if the plaintiff is known in the neighborhood. Another option of a companion is having a law enforcement officer with you. This could repel possible thoughts of violent attack from the defendant.

Ensure you remain within the law constraint

Trespassing a property, touching mailboxes, trampling plants, or causing other forms of damage around the defendant’s house is a crime and could attract possible lawsuits.

The process server in Edmond, Oklahoma, must ensure that he remains within the legally permitted space while carrying out the siege service and avoid the urge to enter spaces that aren’t permissible under the law.

Refreshments & music are beneficial.

Enough refreshment to snack on prevents the need to leave your siege spot in search of what to eat. This blocks another escape window for the defendant. Most defendants wait till a certain need takes the process server in Edmond, Oklahoma, away from the waiting spot and utilizes the escape window.

However, reducing your possibility of leaving the waiting spot makes it harder for the defendant to evade you. Music, on the other hand, is known to help reduce stress, boost activeness, and even be a good companion in the absence of one. Ensure you have the right playlist that suits the situation and only play at a low volume.


Siege serving is quite demanding, but applying the tips mentioned above can help the process server in Edmond, Oklahoma, at a private investigator agency in Norman, Oklahoma, get by easily. Handling difficult Oklahoma process serving defendants can be frustrating for a process server, but with a creative approach and determination, the process server will always triumph. Although, the process server must always keep to the law provisions.

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