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5 Useful Information You Can Get from Skip Tracing

skip tracing useful information

There comes a time when you get into a pinch and would need some help in locating a particular individual. Well, it will definitely not be a regular individual but know that he or she can be located. Most times, it is to effectively locate a fugitive or an individual who has breach a certain contract.

skip tracing useful information

The process is called skip tracing and you will need to consider an expert for your skip tracing service. However, what exactly is skip tracing and what do you need to know about it? Well, let us dive into the details and help you understand what you need.

What Is Skip Tracing

The word Skip tracing in simple terms is just the process experts perform to locate an individual who has absconded. In other words, the process is implemented when the individual in question can’t be found the regular location he visits. These locations include his home, workplace, and other locations he is usually found visiting regularly. An additional reason for using this process is when the individual is a fugitive or has breached a certain contract. It is usually used by bondsmen, debt collectors and even bounty hunters to sniff out their targets. Let’s learn about what skip tracing OKC is, who uses it, when to use it and information you can get.

When Should You Hire a Skip Tracer?

Despite the fact that nationwide skip tracing is used to locate fugitives and similar individuals, you don’t need it every time. The reason for this is that unlike the past years, most of individual information can be found on the internet. However, if there is absolutely no useful information about the target, then hiring a skip tracer is a good option. Skip tracers are experts and have professional methods that they use to track down an individual regardless of his location. Now that you know what it means, let us check out what information you can obtain with skip tracing OKC.

Information That You Can Get from Skip Tracing

Debtors  Regular Information

The most common reason that people lose contact with their debtors is they have the wrong contact. In some other cases, the debtor might have given you fake or temporary information which he disposed later. The job of a skip tracer is to help you verify this information and confirm if its correct or not. Verifying your debtors information puts you one step closer to locating him regardless of the individuals current location. If you have luck on your side, your skip tracer might confirm the details so you can reach your debtor. However, if the details are not correct, your tracer will need to take more steps to track down your debtor.

Contacts of Relations

Getting in touch with the relations of debtors has proven to be a helpful step to take in locating them. In many situations, the relations are likely to know the movements of the debtor and the current destination as well. Some other times, they might be completely shut out of the situation but there no harm in trying, right? Several cases have been resolve as the family and friends helped with the whereabouts of the debtors which is a plus. Obtaining the information and contacts of relations is a great advantage in tracking down your debtor.

Debtors Detailed Information

Unlike the regular surface information that your debtor gave you, Skip tracers also go deeper to get more detailed information. The information your tracer gets this time includes records of your debtors daily activities that you could not access initially. You can refer to it as slightly private information that is publicly available which you gave no attention. Some of the information you get with this are:

  1. Job history and applications
  2. Court records
  3. Utility history
  4. Credit reports and card applications
  5. Criminal records
  6. Driving history etc.

Your skip tracer will obtain these information via different channels including social media and search engines.

Credit Reports

Your debtor will need to delve into his finances which means his or her credit reports will keep getting updates. Obtaining information helps your skip tracer to narrow down the locations where your debtor might be currently. Also, the report details lets them know how long he or she has or might be in that location. For instance, a report showing apartment lease would mean he would be at the specific location for a while. On the other hand, a restaurant report might mean he is just passing by the area and might leave later. However, knowing where the individual has been also helps narrow down the suspected locations to find him.

Phone Number Database

An absconding debtor mostly begins his actions from refusing calls before feigning absence to the required meeting. Most times, the individual might change the number later on to keep out of your reach. Your skip tracer obtains a phone number database to search for the active numbers that your debtor currently uses. You also get to trace where it has been used and what numbers have been connected to it over voice. Lastly, you get to find out the real owners of the numbers that you have at hand from your debtor. It is an advantage in confirming your debtors information before beginning a chase to find him.

Is Skip Tracing Really Necessary?

If you are in charge of a criminal case, hiring skip tracing service in Oklahoma City will get you results. The same goes if you work in a bail bond company, a bounty hunter or a journalist searching for scoops. It’s also very useful when searching for missing relations and can help in solving a kidnapping case. Sometimes Adopted individuals also use these experts to find their real parents and lawyers use them to track down witnesses.

Regardless of who you are searching for, it all depends on the real motive behind your request. Skip tracers do not take jobs for free but they can also refuse jobs depending on the motive you have.

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