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Tips and Tricks to Keep a Process Server in Oklahoma City

Tips and Tricks to Keep a Process Server

Serving process in Oklahoma comes with less risk. Handling a difficult defendant is a common challenge you can face as a process server in Oklahoma. However, some defendants tend to be violent towards process servers OKC putting their safety and well-being at risk. Dealing with such defendants requires a process server to always apply some safety and protection tips while on the job. This helps reduce threats and prevent possible assaults.

Process servers Oklahoma City under Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers believe the risks associated with process serving OKC aren’t high magnitude. Hence, process serving in Oklahoma City isn’t as dangerous as it’s rumored to be. Nonetheless, no job can be 100% risk-free, so we look into proven tips and tricks process servers Enid Oklahoma, OK, can apply to stay safe while delivering legal papers to a defendant.

It’s worthy of noting that any process server in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (whether process server Broken Arrow Oklahoma or process server Luton Oklahoma) is an officer of the court. Any deliberate assault on them is punishable with jail terms or fines. Thus, there’s existing legal protection for any process server in Oklahoma.

However, this protection may not deter an assaulter, particularly when they don’t know about such a decree under the law. Hence, a process server in Edmond, Oklahoma, and other Oklahoma process servers must apply the following tips and tricks to ensure utmost safety. They are:

Enquire About Defendant from Your Client

Having prior information about the defendant can help a process server in Edmond, Oklahoma, prepare better when delivering the papers. If the defendant is violent or tends to get triggered easily, the process server OKC can go with a backup, carry a court officer’s badge, or have a stun gun somewhere visible.

This helps such a process server Oklahoma City keep the defendant in check and get him to be on his best behavior. However, the process server Oklahoma must avoid heated arguments as it may result in a violent reaction due to provocation. The process server, Oklahoma City, must respond to every query courteously, with a calm tone, and sensitize the defendant about being neutral and having no knowledge about the case or the contents of legal papers.

Inform Close Associates When Going to Serve a Process

This basic safety tip applies to all jobs, including process serving in Oklahoma. Process server Norman Oklahoma looking to serve defendant legal papers directly should always inform a co-worker, spouse, client, or friend about their whereabouts. This makes it easier to know where to send help or search if anything occurs. It’s vital for a process server OKC to provide a trusted ally an update on his progress at intervals, even if it doesn’t come easy. This may come in handy as a lifesaver on rare occasions.

Build Solid Relationships with Law Enforcers

Having a close relationship with the city’s sheriff’s department or police can be a useful support for you if the need ever arises. There’s a limit to what a process server in Oklahoma can do when serving processes. They can’t use force unless it’s in a case of self-defense. Hence, they can call for additional support from law enforcers. To ensure this support request is granted and swiftly offered, the process server in Oklahoma must have had a solid relationship with the appropriate quarters.

Avoid Serving Papers at Odd Hours

Evading defendants always make process servers Oklahoma City go all the way, but a good process server OKC should know the legal and moral limits. While the law of Oklahoma allows service any time of the day, it’s more dangerous to serve a process during odd hours of the night. A defendant might assault such a process server in Oklahoma in self-defence. Such a defendant can claim he felt threatened and at-risk and was left with no choice.

Learn Basic Self-defense Tricks

A process server in Oklahoma doesn’t necessarily have to be a trickiest before knowing basic tips that can suffice as a defence against possible assaults. Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers undergo training that can help them restrain defendants without force and protect themselves with their fists. Such training is recommended for every process server in Oklahoma City, especially if you’re serving processes in a risk-prone area of the city.

Work on Your Physicality

Here’s a not-so-applicable approach to process server safety. Apart from process servers obviously of age, young and vibrant process servers in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, can invest more time looking physically fit. A built appearance can be intimidating enough for any defendant harboring the thoughts of assaulting. This is a not-so-applicable trick, but it’s enough motivation to hit the gym.

Carry Restraining/Safety Equipment Along

A dangling cuffs on your waist, a pepper spray somewhere visible, or a stun gun can erase every thought of assault from the defendant’s memory. Appear in front of the defendant with a “don’t try to mess with me look,” and you won’t have to worry about your safety. However, applying this trick requires much discretion. Review the situation and see if it’s your best approach.

Carry a firearm

There’s an 0.00001% chance you may need a firearm during a service process. However, if you’re licensed and authorized to wield a firearm, you can always have it on you during your service duty process.

Usually, sheriffs that double as process servers have the privilege to do this. They combine their law enforcement duties with process serving and can wield an arm to deliver legal papers.


While process serving in Oklahoma is not a dangerous job, there are still safety concerns. This is due to the actions of defendants that result in violence and assaults on process servers.

The provision of the law hasn’t done much in deterring such acts, making it vital for a process server OKC to apply basic safety and security tips for protection.

We’ve highlighted some applicable ones above and believe every process server in Oklahoma can mitigate assaults by properly applying whichever appeals to them most.

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