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If you work in the field of human resources and your duties include hiring, laying off, and checking rumors about the behavior of some of your employees, you already know very well that all of this background check is a very expensive process, both in terms of time and money.

From background checks to the management of disability records and workplace accidents, the day-to-day work of a human resource manager is an endless mission.

On the other hand, have you taken the time to think about the many way’s IT services can support you in your multiple daily tasks at work?

The information that can be updated on the personality and habits of a person, during an investigation on the internet or social networks, are surprising.

Cyber fraud looking for background in hiring process: A private internet investigator can do a lot of good for your business

A private investigator on the internet will be able to support you in many ways in the management of multiple stressful situations in a corporate environment. Whether it’s digging into a person’s social networking activities or following discreet leads while accessing e-mail, do not underestimate the impact an online investigator can have on your human resources records. Below are several scenarios in which the most insightful human resource managers know that it is very useful to use private detectives to better manage these litigious cases.

  1. Cyber fraud: Does one of your employees illegally enter your virtual corporate forum? Did one of your employees start using his corporate credit card in an unscrupulous way? It is quite possible to detect this kind of cyber fraud through a proper online survey.
  2. Background Check: When it comes time to conduct background checks and establish a person’s employability, would not it be great to have a private investigator online who would be able to dig a little into the candidate’s habits within social networks to better understand his personality before concluding the hiring?
  1. Establishing Strong Cases in the Fight Against Discrediting Disability and Workplace Accidents: Perhaps you have a disability worker at this time who you do not trust? Or it is possible that an employee claims to be sick and is thus absent from the office for extended periods of time … and if this person’s activity on social networks revealed to you that they are in good health and does small work with payment under the table? There are many things that computer research can do for you.
  2. The problem of drug addiction and consumption: One of your employees says perhaps one of his colleagues consumes alcohol at work or shows up drunk? This is a problem that is difficult to manage and you will need much more than a survey on social networks to solve it, but it is undeniable however that a private online detective will know how to use research on social networks and on the internet to provide you with solid evidence that may allow you to close a case once and for all.

What exactly are computer survey services?

Now that it is clear that IT investigation services can be helpful to you and that you better understand how human resources departments can leverage the expertise of private investigators in these problematic cases, you may be wondering what a private online detective is doing, and how in a practical way it can help you manage cases of cyber fraud, questionable disability, or background checks, etc.

First, the private investigator will explore the following things: profile updates within social networks, photos, as well as displays and messages sent through email applications. The individual in question will collect information from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, etc. The private investigator will conduct an online search targeting the keywords in the file in question, and will have access to specialized software to monitor the activity of the person under investigation. Our private investigation research is truly an extremely powerful tool that is able to support HR executives who manage problematic employee files and hire new candidates.

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