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Dr. Tinsley Keefe Is Sick of the Stigma behind Private Detectives

Private Investigator With anything in life, it is almost always guaranteed to find some type of stigma attached to it. This goes for literally anything – from doctors and politicians to strippers and stoners. Private detectives are no exception to this annoying reality. The stigma is different overall, but the generalization of it is the same: private detectives are “police officers” that could not make it in the career world of law officials.  More common than not, a general assumption of all private investigators is that they started out wanting to be in law enforcement.

While this scenario is true for some, it is most definitely not true for the rest. A private detective herself in Oklahoma City, Dr. Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe wants to stress that choosing the private-eye career path is normally a long and thought-out process. People do not just fail out of the police academy and decide to try for their private detective license instead. Most detectives know from a young age that they want to become detectives.

In fact, many people will go to college specifically to become private detectives – not police officers or law enforcement officials. While the stigma behind private detectives is more alive than ever before, Dr. Tinsley Keefe wants to remind the general public that there are ways to work against it. As a private detective in Oklahoma, Tinsley admits that she is often asked why she became a private detective. Even more, she is not afraid to tell them why

Nobody should be afraid to explain why they chose their career path. Moreover, if you are a private detective and you are asked why you are one, answer them. This goes the same way for reversed roles; ask questions. Asking questions instead of assuming answers is the best way to decrease not only the stigma behind private detectives but the stigma behind many things in general. Not to mention that asking questions inevitably means expanding your knowledge.

On top of that, Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe also stresses the importance of spreading that knowledge. Do not stop at asking questions and getting answers! In her private detective ventures across OKC, Tinsley Keefe is used to offering awareness. When she answers a question, she will also urge them to share the information she gives them with their family and friends. Answering questions and spreading knowledge are the two best ways to battle the war of stigmas in today’s society.

Whether you are a private investigator, a politician, or something completely different, stigmas can hinder your life to the point of annoyance or even repulsion. It is time that society starts to fight back against the generalization of basically anything and everything in existence. For private detectives, the stigma is embarrassing and aggravating. When it comes to careers, a stigma can ruin your day or cause you to lose business.

However, when it comes to other aspects of existence . . . a stigma can ruin a person’s life. Tinsley makes one thing loud and clear: it is time to make a change.

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