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Explore The Role of Skip Tracer


Skip tracer is a person who carries the duties to locate people who are missing or have defaulted on a debt.

Following are some of the duties of a skip tracer;

To locate people or missing person

It is one of the very important duties of a skip tracer to locate a missing person. In this situation, skip tracer first investigates the case and collect the clue. These clues help him to locate a missing person. Skip tracer have to be very careful while doing this job. Because, a small mistake may became a cause of death of missing person.

Work as an agent

It is also included in the important duties of the skip tracer. Specifically, Skip tracer works on behalf of the client. However, some people hire skip tracers just because to assign them work. Skip tracer will do all the work related activities. This relationship between a client and skip tracer is called as relation of principal and agent. He should have to accomplish all the tasks which are assigned to him by the clients. His seriousness of job will make him responsible in front of client.

Identify assets and collateral

Also, It is duty of the skip tracer to identify asset and collateral. Indeed, identifying collateral is as important as to locate a missing person. Skip tracer always focus on locating bank accounts, owned property and other valuable assets. However, He has the legal authority to do this task.

Verify Information

Moreover, it is also regarded as the duty of the skip tracer to verify information i.e. to know whether it is true or false. Generally, Skip tracer verify the information by conducting search on the information regarding the person under consideration. However, he does such thing by various ways like; by searching about the property records on government website. Importantly, He will have to act as a neutral person while doing this task.


Perform data entry

It is the job duty of the skip tracer to perform data entry too. This duty is different from other duties because, this can be performed by any other person as well. Yet, as far as concerned to a skip tracer, data entry is the most important and confidential task. To keep all information updated will help him to investigate case and present quick solution of the problem.

Create reports

Further, to create reports is also included in the job description of the skip tracers. This task will be done secretly. When he starts to solve a case, first he investigates information regarding case and then make a detailed report. This report will contain each and every aspect related to the case. So, we can say that to create reports is the critical task of a skip tracer too.

Assist in apprehending fugitives

It is also an important role of the skip tracer to assist in apprehending fugitives. For this, a skip tracer has to investigate first and then assist in apprehending Fugitives. It is as important task for skip tracer as other tasks.

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