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Private Investigations Can Help Defendants Accused of Sexual Assault

sexual assault investigation case

How a Private Investigator in Oklahoma City from a Private Investigation Agency in Edmond, OK, Can Help Defendants Accused of Sexual Assault Via Sexual Assault Private Investigations

Private investigators in OKC play a vital role in helping people accused of sexual assault. Several private investigation agencies in Edmond, OK, have well-trained private investigators in Oklahoma City. Being accused of sexual assault, especially when innocent, is a bad feeling. Apart from the trial that may come up, some people automatically assume that the accused is guilty. Sometimes, the police who believe they have the offender limits conduct a narrowed investigation. This is why those accused of sexual assault should hire good private investigators in OKC.

How Private Investigators in OKC Can Help You

If you or your loved one is wrongfully accused of sexual assault, a private detective can help you through sexual assault private investigations. They can help through these steps:

Careful Observance of The Case

Each sexual assault charge is peculiar. Sometimes, the accusations may seem so grand that it seems like something out of a movie script. At other times they may be plain and believable. A private investigator in Edmond, Oklahoma City, will help you carefully examine your case.

It is often easy for the public to believe that an accused is guilty based on the race, facts presented, or the victim’s testimony. Sometimes, the accusations may be true. At other times it may be false. So, your private investigator in Norman, Oklahoma City, will look at your case carefully without bias. They will observe your case professionally and help you investigate.

Carry Out Investigation

The main duty of a private investigator in OKC that you have from a reputable private investigation agency in Oklahoma City is to investigate for you. They can meet with the supposed victim in the presence of the victim’s attorney to go through testimonies. A private detective in Bethany, OKC, can look through documents to find discrepancies that can help them investigate further.

Sometimes, a narrowed-down investigation may have been carried out by the police. So, a sexual assault private investigator will look for other leads and suspects in the sexual assault case. They will help you find evidence that will prove your evidence.

Evidence pointing to the fact that the supposed victim has falsely accused other people in the past, proof that you were not with the victim, alibis, etc., can be instrumental in proving your innocence. Additionally, they can meet with the prosecutors to find out the evidence they have in the sexual assault case and will help your attorney build up a solid rebuttal.

Interview Witnesses

Sometimes, the location where the supposed sexual assault occurred could be a hotel where other witnesses were present. The acclaimed victim may argue that you drugged them. Hence they lost consciousness. Most times, there could be witnesses that your PI in Oklahoma City could interview who will be willing to testify about the true nature of things that day and your relationship with the accused.

Gathering Evidence

Being accused of sexual assault when you are innocent can affect you, especially mentally. It could lead to you not observing that there is evidence that could prove your innocence that you left out. Good private investigators in OKC from reputable private investigation agencies have trained private detectives.

These private investigators can look for evidence and gate them. Their keen eye for observation may notice crucial evidence or leads missed by the police when carrying out the sexual assault investigation. It could be recorded like CCTV footage of the supposed crime scene, pictures, audio, and witnesses. When compiled by your private investigator in Edmond, OKC, this evidence will prove beneficial to your case and help your attorney show your innocence.

What You Should Do as An Accused

When you are accused as a sexual assault offender, besides hiring a private investigator in OKC from a reputable private investigation agency in Edmond, Oklahoma City, to investigate the case on your behalf, you can do other things, like:

Avoiding Communication with Your Accuser

You may be tempted to communicate with the supposed victim to discover why you are accused. Initially, it may be a good idea, but it will backfire on you. They may further accuse you of trying to intimidate them to withdraw the charges against you. If you still want to meet them, it should be in the presence of attorneys or the police. The witnesses will help in case any other accusations come out of it.

Hire a Good Lawyer

Hiring a good private investigator in Oklahoma City is not just enough. You also need to hire a good defense attorney for yourself. They will look at the evidence gathered by the private detective and prepare good arguments or rebuttals that will help set you free. Since they are skilled in the law, they will help look for loopholes or raise technical issues, which will benefit your case. Here, it is crucial that your defense attorney in the sexual assault case is experienced and can help you win.

Create a Witness List

It can significantly improve your case if you have an alibi or witnesses. To ensure that you have evidence to present in court, you should compile a list of potential witnesses. Make a list of potential witnesses you can call, and note the details of the testimony they can offer. Not only your private detective in Norman, Oklahoma City, but your defense attorney must work to prove your freedom. You also have to help out.

Making a note of every witness present at the scene or knowing your relationship with the supposed victim will help you decide which witness is most crucial to you and what specific information they have. However, even if you believe a certain witness is not that crucial, you should still allow them to testify because you might be mistaken, and the evidence can help prove your innocence.

Final Thoughts

Private agencies in Edmond, Oklahoma City, have skilled private investigators in OKC who will help in your sexual assault case. Besides hiring a good private investigator, you also owe a duty to yourself if you want success in your case by using the steps outlined here.

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