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Private Investigation Services For Business

The work of a private detective is not limited to tracing people and stolen property. For a modern businessman, a private detective can be an excellent tool in the framework of competition, as well as business security in general. Often, this is much more profitable and effective than keeping the security staff on salary.

Advantages of a private detective over a full-time security service

– For small and medium-sized businesses, it’s rather expensive to maintain a staff of employees responsible for safety (checking contractors or staff when hiring, internal investigations, competition, etc.) Situations, the solution of which does not require urgency, arise unexpectedly, and an urgent search for a competent person capable of solve such issues – it can take quite a long time.

– The work of a security officer is clearly regulated by his job description. In other words, where it will be necessary to take the initiative, go beyond the instructions and possibly even be at risk – the employee “on salary” is unlikely to decide on such measures.

– The qualification of a full-time employee of the company’s security service should also be on top. Of course, people with experience working in bodies usually come to such positions, and they have some idea about security issues. But, unfortunately, not all of them are real professionals.

– An important fact is the motivation to work, and its impartiality as part of an internal investigation or competitive intelligence activities. In other words – the best guarantee that a security officer is not in collusion with those who potentially (or already, currently) can harm your business – contacting an independent organization – a private detective agency.

Turning to a private detective is often much more profitable economically, and the tasks are solved at a higher level.

What can we offer?

At KEEFE PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, we offer the following services for businesses and our customers:

  • Staff Verification
  • Checking Counterparties
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Mystery shopper
  • Trademark Protection

We are also ready to solve other tasks set by customers.

During our work, based on personal experience of interaction with customers, package offers are created for each client. The most important and undeniable advantage of this is its cost and fullness.

A dossier per person is a certificate of a person’s life, about his assets, connections, problems with the law, work experience, etc. information. We are ready to offer several options for the depth of verification, starting with basic information, and ending with a fairly deep verification, which includes personal information, information about all changes in documents, movements around the country and the world, the availability of weapons, and information about activities in Internet and cell phone detailing including a map of its movement. This service is quite in demand as part of hiring an employee for a key and responsible position, as well as for subsequent monitoring.

Organization dossier is a set of information aimed at studying the activities of competitors, namely: viewing the financial activity of the company, from where you can get information about suppliers and large customers. Company staff information – useful information as part of headhunting. Also, with a thorough analysis, you can identify all the weaknesses of competitors, and use this for your own development and crowding out competitors from previously occupied positions.

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