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Reasons leading to divorce

There are very different motives and reasons that lead to divorce; this may be the reason why, according to the CBC Newspaper, the recent divorce rate already affected “4 out of 10 marriages”.

Whether because the spouses are gradually drifting away, because they stop loving each other, because discord sets in, adultery takes place, financial problems appear, or crises occur in the family, the reasons for divorce are numerous and one can say that each divorce is unique in its own way.

The dynamics of divorce, however, gets complicated quickly, especially if there are financial difficulties or adultery at stake. Once tensions develop, the divorce process can become extremely painful and stressful.


Divorce: Is it advisable to use a private investigator?

Divorce is a process that can become ugly and heartbreaking, especially when one is at the heart of legal proceedings. There are few statistics available on divorce in Oklahoma that can tell us the percentage of people who are involved in complex and painful legal procedures. There may be considerable reasons to use the services of a private investigator to bring the truth to surface even though it is sometimes very unpleasant.

A lawyer will not be able to assist you if you are looking for evidence because you suspect your spouse of adultery or fear that he or she is concealing financial resources. A lawyer can’t confirm to you how your children are treated during periods when your ex-spouse has custody.

What is the only way that can provide you with evidence and facts during a divorce, in an ethical and professional way?

We are the private detectives that you need. The divorce rate continues to grow in Oklahoma and at the same time, the demand for highly qualified, discreet and sensitive private investigators specializing in family and matrimonial investigations is equally pressing. The public at large has realized that private investigators are of crucial value when stress and tension are felt in a divorce, because having real facts in the hands makes all the difference.

Adultery and major reasons for using a private investigator

A high-caliber private investigator will be able to update the following facts regarding your spouse:

Hiding Funds and Accounts:

It is common for a spouse to attempt to conceal financial resources during divorce proceedings. A certified private investigator will be able to conduct detailed searches within databases for financial documents and information that you do not have access to.

Adultery in the couple:

Does your spouse cheat on you? A private investigator will be able to update the truth.

Monitor and identify unacceptable parenting practices:

Are you worried about your children when they are in your spouse’s care? All you need is a private investigator and you will quickly know the truth about what is going on in your absence.

Does your ex-partner cohabit with someone?

If your ex-spouse is currently living with someone, it is possible that this will have a financial impact on the alimony provisions that are in place. A private investigator has the resources to discover the identity of anyone living in your ex!

Does your ex receive undeclared income?

A private investigator will be able to discover the truth.

Contact a private investigator

If you intend to use the services of a private investigator in a family or marital file, take the time to consider the following questions:

The time base of the fees:

Confirm the hourly rate of the fees as well as the number of hours that seem necessary to treat a file like yours in order to have a concrete budget in hand.


A high-caliber private investigator will have professional references available. There is no other reliable index of the future behavior of your investigator than his past behavior. Satisfactory evaluation of a customer is always a very good sign.

Official Certification:

Be sure to choose a fully certified investigator!

Whatever the reason for getting divorced, having a private investigator will give you some peace of mind during your divorce because he or she will be able to put you in the loop which will give you a strong position during the procedure.

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