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5 Stalkers Who Stalked Their Victims With a Skip Trace Service

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Welcome to Sneaky Cat Private Investigations & Process Serving where we bring you the most chilling cases of crime that you do not want to miss out. Iā€™m Makayla and today, stalking private investigators showcase 5 stalkers who stalked their victims with a skip trace service. Do not touch the dial and keep on watching. Don’t forget that, for top-notch private investigation services and skip tracing servicesĀ  in Oklahoma which you cannot get elsewhere, call (405) 407 – 2891 and you will not regret it.”

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Introduction to the case

People hire the services of a skip tracer because someone they know has skipped town, gone missing, or gone under the radar. They do this because of either financial or legal reasons and it is imperative to find them. Even when skip tracing has its good sides, some stalkers and abusers exploit these services to monitor their victims and threaten their privacy and safety. This is why a stalking private investigator in Oklahoma will share some of the chilling times stalkers have terrorized their victims with skip tracing.

1. The Persistent Ex-Boyfriend

As a stalking private investigator in Oklahoma City, a woman has reported her persistent abusive ex-boyfriend to law enforcement and investigations were carried out. After heaving a sigh of relief and feeling safe momentarily that she had escaped her abusive ex-boyfriend, her peace was temporary. Why? Her ex-boyfriend used skip skip-tracing service to locate her. He showed up at her doorstep months later. He threatened her and told her to come back to him or she will be dead. With fear, she got the authorities involved in the caseā€

2. The Obsessed Fan

The second case we have been privy to in the course of our stalking private investigation case is the one of a celebrity and an obsessed fan. Some stalkers feel like they are entitled to someoneā€™s time and attention and when they do not even get noticed they go ballistic. This fan contacted a skip tracer to help him find the home address and phone number of the celebrity. With the information, he was able to send not only disturbing letters but gifts too. He declared his undying love for her, and with time he physically showed up at her parking garage causing her to be afraidā€

3. The Revenge-Seeking Ex-Employee

Not everyone is normal and can take a rejection or firing well. This is the case of one stalker whose employment was terminated by his former boss. The reasons for the termination was cogent but this employee was not having it.Months later, he used a skip tracer to find out the necessary information about his boss like his house address. He showed up at his ex-bossā€™ house, and threatened him to give him his job back. Luckily, he did not harm his boss, and he was later called to order with the help of law enforcementā€

4. The Cyberstalker

Another case we have seen happen more often than we can count is strangers cyberstalking people, especially women. A woman was stalked online by a stranger who used a skip-tracing service to find her personal information. He sent her explicit messages and threatened to harm her and her family. Luckily no harm happened to her

5. The Abusive Husband

Another case of stalkers using skip tracing services to disturb their victims is that of a woman who thought she had escaped her abusive husband. By reaching out and hiring the services of an unsuspecting skip tracer, her abusive husband got her new address and phone number to track her down.


The aim of skip tracing is for good and legal help but stalkers in these instances have used skip tracing for bad. So, for skip tracers offering their skip tracing services, they should ensure that they are following ethical procedures to ensure that innocent peopleā€™s privacy and safety are not being exploited. If there is anyone you know who is a victim of stalking, please reach out to the authorities for help because your safety is paramount. At Sneaky Cat Private Investigations & Process Serving we know you want justice and we can help you obtain it. We can also help you with skip-tracing services to find that person who has gone under the radar for months or years now. To understand our services and get the best private detectives who will carry out private investigations for you, visit us at or Like, share, and subscribe for more informative content.”

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