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Study Shows That Oklahoma Private Investigators Who Treat Their Staff With Kindness and Support Thrive Longer

A new study suggests that a private investigator in Oklahoma City who treats his staff with respect and dignity, tends be more successful and enjoy his or her profession longer.  If the results of this mixed-method study hold true, then it might point to a need for a private investigator in OKC to be more aware of how the private investigator Oklahoma City treats his or her employees. Oklahoma private investigators OKC should become increasingly proactive in their approach to human resource techniques.  In this article, our Investigation team elucidates as to the findings of this empirical study.

Dr. Keefe found that when employees reported that their immediate private investigator Oklahoma City supervisors supported them, treated them with respect, and paid them fairly, approximately 98 percent said they worked harder, treated the company’s clients better, and helped the Oklahoma private investigator firm make more money.  Many humans, be they supervisors or otherwise, do tend to appreciate better pay, benefits and treatment from Oklahoma private investigators. In the study, Dr. Keefe and Mr. Carter based being “paid fairly” on the going market rates for other professionals in similar areas of expertise. Of course, this study begs the question: at what point though do these practices yield diminishing returns for private investigators in Oklahoma City?

The researchers found that a private investigator in OKC who spent a moderate amount of time being naturally nice and pleasant, had a similar, positive, reciprocated, monetary and environmental benefit from his or her staff.  This proved to be especially true if the staff members had previously worked for extremely difficult, angry bosses.  We also contend that a private investigator Oklahoma City who spent more than 1 extra hour per day treating his or her employees nicer and with more support, had little or no effect on staff morale and productivity. In terms of the wages and benefits that the staff of a private investigator in OKC received, the researchers found that employees within a fourty mile proximity who made slightly more to moderately more than average than their counterparts in similar fields, worked harder, for longer hours, and displayed more loyalty to their private investigator in Oklahoma City employers.

In order to make these aforementioned assertions, the private investigator in OKC researcher distributed surveys to all employees both before and after the private investigator in OKC made the changes to the working environment and the staff salaries.  In addition, the researchers recorded the interactions of the employees, thus cross-referencing the written contentions of the employers with the demonstrated actions of each employee of the private investigator in Oklahoma City.  The researchers also stated that the private investigator Oklahoma City employers reported statistically significant increases in both their gross and net revenue for their company during the study.

The empirical data appears to demonstrate that each private investigator in OKC who employs a staff should treat them with kindness and respect, paying them fairly for their diligent efforts.  While Oklahoma private investigation companies are indeed in the business to make money, there is no clear reason why both employers and employees cannot achieve a healthy, harmonious balance. Each private investigator in OKC should treat his or her employees with respect and dignity, if the private investigator Oklahoma City wants his or her company to succeed.

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