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Things a Private Investigator Should Not Do !


Laws are always changing and it is not possible for anyone to follow the same law. It is difficult to say what is right to do and what is not right to do. However, this question is very important for Private Investigator when they are going to investigate something. The following are some important things which, a investigator should not need to do.

what should be avoided by a private investigator?

Generally, following are some important things which an investigator cannot do.

A private investigator can’t work without a license

Indeed, Oklahoma is a state where an investigation license is required. A private investigator is not able to work without a license. Nearly, every state in the United States requires a private investigation license because, every investigator needs specific knowledge, training, education and practical experience to secure a license.

An Investigator can’t Impersonate Law Enforcement

Nevertheless, a private investigator may not impersonate law even in any situation .That’s why it is mandatory for an investigator not to wear uniform or have badges of any kind that would give the impression that they are law enforcers. Even a badge with the words private investigator on it may be misinterpreted.

Private investigator can’t break the law

Private investigator in Oklahoma cannot break the law even in any situation just like as everyone else. Indeed, we all have to abide by the law. In Oklahoma, law enforcement is strict. Consequently, no citizen is above the law, it is truly depicted in Oklahoma.

A private investigator can’t trespass

It is also a thing that an investigator cannot do. Private investigator can run into this situation more times than on surveillance cases.  The act of knowingly entering another person’s property is elaborated as trepass. Parking on another person’s property is also a trespass. A private investigator needs to take permission to investigate any property of any person.

An investigator can’t Break in your Home or Business

A PI cannot break into a house or business. If an investigator tries to do this act, it will consider the breach of law which may have negative impact on investigator’s reputation.

private investigator

A Private investigator can’t  Mess with your Mailbox or Mail

A PI should never touch Mailbox or mails of an individual. Whatever the post officer holds, it will be consider as illegal.

An investigator can’t record conversations without  consent

It is also important to know for an investigator that he cannot record conversation of an individual without consent. for example; many organizations asks their stakeholders to sign a consent, in which they grant permission for several actions. Similarly, whenever an investigator sneak into such cases, he should tale care of such consents.

Hack into personal accounts

An investigator is not allowed to hack into personal account of an individual. Basically, without permission, it is a crime. However, In some cases, it will be allowed to hack into personal account. Also, it will be only allowed with permission, if needed.

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