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Tinsley Keefe and the Drama of Being a Private Detective

The sad thing is that people will hire you to dig up dirt, and sometimes they will get mad at you for the dirt that you dig up. A woman comes in and she wants to know if her husband is cheating on her. You do the work – snoop your little butt off – only to find out that the husband is, in fact, cheating on her. It sucks relaying this type of news, but you have to and so you tell her. Only, her reaction is not what you expected. She is mad at you. Why is she mad at you? Dr. Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe knows from her time as a private investigator in Oklahoma City that sometimes when a client is in a personal turmoil of emotions, they can take out those emotions on the person who broke the news.

These are things that come with the realm of the private-eye industry, and unfortunately they are things you cannot avoid at times. Having done the same thing during her time as a private detective in Oklahoma, Dr. Tinsley Keefe knows that the only things you can do involve comforting your client or telling them to pay up and get the hell out. Depending on what mood you are in and how understanding you can be, it is usually one or the other. Regrettably, that is not the only drama of being a private detective. You might get hired by a couple to dig up some dirt on a business or a family member – maybe a friend – and the second you are alone with one of them,  the other starts accusing you of having an affair.

Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe explains that some people are just like that. The dramatics in their life never rest, and there is sadly nothing you can do about it. Tinsley points out that as a private investigator in OKC or any other area; you have the right to turn away clients. If you are getting a bad feeling off a client before you start doing the work, do not even bother taking on their case. If you get halfway through a case and you realize it, consider leaving it depending on how much the payout is. There will be times when the payout is so great that you financially have no other choice but to take it, and it is those cases where you must remind yourself why you are a private investigator.

Tinsley Keefe has experienced those times as a private detective in Oklahoma, causing her to remind herself on a daily basis why her passion lies in the private-eye world. If you get lost in the case, it is almost easy to forget about the people you are doing the work for. Remind yourself at random times that drama will surface during your work as a detective, and then when it happens it will be less of a surprise. Regardless of the drama, if the passion is there then the work is worth it.

Tinsley Keefe and the Drama of Being a Private Detective in Oklahoma.

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