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Which Method Is Better — Telephone Or In-Person Interview?

An interview is basically the discussion of a particular subject conducted with people relevant to it. There can be one or multiple interviewers and multiple interviewees as well, depending on the circumstances. However,  However, does it matter whether the interview is over the phone or in person? Let’s explore.

The Case For In-Person Interview

An in-person interview, better known as the doorstep interview in the private detective community, is usually interviewing a person at their home or workplace without warning them that you are coming. The doorstep interview may be utilized by the private investigator in Oklahoma City for the following reasons:

  • It may sound unethical to show up unannounced to the interviewee’s current location and asking them a bunch of questions relating to a case. However, it is not deceitful and is in fact helpful because the more times a person has to go over what they want to say, they will be likely to overthink and not speak as much as you would hope. Warning them about the interview could make them hide or get scared about saying the wrong thing, thus if a private investigator from OKC shows up and explains the situation to the person they want to interview, they would answer with the first thought that comes to mind.
  • The interviewer has the opportunity to make the interviewee more comfortable, relaxed and trusting in an in-person interview. They will feel more in control and aware once they sit and chat with the interviewer in person, rather than over the phone where they do not know who they are really talking to. In-person, it is also easier to build a good rapport with the interviewee.
  • The private investigator can read more of the body language and tone of the interviewee in person, which can help them determine if they are lying or leaving out details.

The Case For Phone Interviews

There are a number of reasons why a phone interview may be preferable for a private investigator:

  • The private detective can conduct hundreds of phone interviews in a day if they need, whereas more time and resources are required to conduct in person interviews.
  • Phone interviews can be conducted regardless of location, thus the investigator can interview a person even if they are on the other side of the world.
  • It is easier to take notes regarding the interview on the phone rather than in person, as you do not make the person conscious when doing so.

Which Method Is Better?

Preferably, a mix of both would be the best option for a private investigator, as they could take a brief phone interview with the person, and if they seem to be insightful, can be interviewed face to face later on. In-person could be the better option, however, the technological advantage of being able to reach any person without geographical location is definitely a bonus of the phone interview.

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