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Top Reasons Why and How Human Traffickers Lure Their Sex Trafficking Victims

Human Traffickers Lure Their Sex Trafficking Victims

A Human Trafficking Investigator from Our Private Detective Agency Explains the Top Reasons Why and How Human Traffickers Lure Their Sex Trafficking Victims and Human Trafficking Victims Into Tragedy

A human trafficking investigator made an important discovery on how traffickers lure their victims. During an investigation, the private investigator OKC found the causes of human and sex trafficking. Of course, most of these traffickers have a reason for their actions. But, as our private investigator Oklahoma City says, there is no justification for human and sex trafficking.

So, a private investigator Oklahoma from a private investigation agency in Oklahoma explains the cause of human and sex trafficking. The human trafficking investigator also shares the tactics these traffickers use to lure their victims:

Causes of Human and Sex Trafficking

It Isn’t Easy to Investigate Well

During an Oklahoma Statewide Private Investigation, a human trafficking investigator noted that the difficulty in investigating the case is one of the primary reasons it is prevalent. The reason for this is that victims of human trafficking are often well-hidden or severely traumatized, and this makes it difficult to find them.

Traumatized individuals are unlikely to provide information to a private investigator because they are either too distressed to speak or are afraid to meet with law officers. With victims unwilling to speak up to private detectives, human and sex trafficking can grow well in its secrecy. So, both human traffickers and customers will try to hide their activities since they are both aware of the significant risk they are taking by engaging in them.

Demand for Inexpensive Labor

The service sector, especially restaurants, bars, and kitchens, makes it easy for human and sex trafficking. Additionally, there is a need for inexpensive domestic and agricultural labor in certain places. The promise of a secure workplace and consistent compensation up front to employees is a trick they use. These employees later discover that they will work more and receive less payment.

A private investigator in Edmond, Oklahoma, noticed that some sex trafficking victims became victims when they were promised to serve as a waitress at a bar. Business owners who engage in this behavior do so because victims of human trafficking are rarely able to defend themselves and have few other options.

Crave for a Better Life

At a private investigation agency in Oklahoma City, a human trafficking investigator saw a craving for a better life as another reason for trafficking. The discovery made by a private investigator in Norman, Oklahoma, is that people who depart their homes due to economic hardship, natural disasters, violence, or political unrest are looking for a better life.


Traffickers use addiction and substance abuse to maintain control over their victims. Some traffickers provide medications on purpose to weak persons to reduce their resistance and force them to engage in forced labor or prostitution. A human trafficking investigator found out that trafficker takes advantage of victims’ vulnerabilities as they grow reliant on addiction to keep them in the cycle of abuse. At a private investigation agency OKC like Keefe Private Investigations, these victims feel they need this drug that their traffickers can only get.

Gang Affiliation

Exploiting men, women, and children is lucrative and less dangerous for gangs. As a result, gang members use a range of tactics to enlist new members and control them. They use sexual exploitation, street begging, street selling, minor crime, and the production and distribution of illegal narcotics.

At a private investigation agency, human trafficking investigators found that gangs may also force their members and close associates to carry out illegal acts, perform labor or other tasks against their will, or engage in other behaviors. For example, through gang involvement, women are susceptible to the sex trade inside or outside the group by posing as the boyfriend or girlfriend of a gang member.

How Human and Sex Traffickers Get Their Victims

Through Force or Coercion

Traffickers occasionally compel or coerce their victims into becoming their clients. For example, a private investigator in Bethany, OKC, found out that to get someone to agree with their demands, they may use threats of force or actual physical violence. A sex or labor trafficker may also threaten a victim’s family and abuse the victim directly to coerce compliance.

A trafficker may carry out sexual abuse, psychological abuse, and violent acts. Some may give threats against friends or family to get their victims. Our private detective saw that they also use manipulation or exploitation, emotional intimidation, confinement, seclusion, etc. Sometimes, these traffickers steal the victim’s passport, giving them no choice but to comply.

Human Traffickers Frequently Win Their Victims’ Trust

Human traffickers employ multiple techniques to manage their victims. Traffickers frequently attempt to win the victims’ trust or meet a specific need. Sometimes, they provide them with a feeling of structure or stability that they may be lacking. A private detective in Norman, Oklahoma, noted that using trust has been very effective.

A trafficker may make false promises of love and affection or make financial offers. In addition, a trafficker may seduce a young victim early in life with new clothing or educational opportunities. For example, a mother could believe she was responding to a job posting. However, a human trafficking investigator saw that building trust might take months.

Traffickers Make False Promises in Sex and Labor

False promises are one of the most efficient strategies used by traffickers to entice victims. They might present a romantic relationship or a job opportunity. But instead, a private detective in Bethany, Oklahoma City, saw that they give the individual a sense of security and hope for a brighter future.

The assurance of a romantic relationship or marriage and family-based hiring for a job are some of the methods these traffickers use. These human and sex traffickers also use job postings or offers to lure victims. They also pretend to be a benefactor, deceit or make fraudulent promises, etc.

Final Thoughts

It is only possible to combat sex and human trafficking when the cause of it is distinguished. The reason people get involved in this is quite numerous, including the tricks these traffickers use to lure victims. So, with this information, it is easier to get to the root of trafficking.

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