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Can a Private Investigator in OKC have Access to Public Records?

private investigator access to public records

Private investigation isn’t such an easy profession. While they make everything seem like magic, sometimes it takes weeks of sleepless nights to dig, research, strategize on ways to get the desired outcome.

While getting information and conducting covert investigations are the specialties of private investigators OKC, their results don’t come like that.

Sometimes, they’ve got to leverage various tools, connections, and the opportunities their license affords them, to get a big break on an investigation.

All these are what makes private investigator Oklahoma different from other individuals. Their license gives them access to certain things that aren’t generally accessible.

However, can this license give them access to Public records, and what are Public records themselves? We look into all these as this article progresses.

What Are Public Records?

Public records are usually data (processed or unprocessed) that’s usually filed by government agencies and other public corporations. They usually include corporate records, property records, prison records, court cases, immigration records, etc.

These records are usually created by the government (Federal or local), and they aid in criminal background checks, economic predictions, private investigations, amongst others. It also aids transparency and accountability in government.

Public records are not only useful to the government, but they also aid law enforcers, lawyers, private investigators, and every other person who can access them.

Who Can Access Public Records?

Everyone (citizen of the State) can access Public records, including a private investigator Oklahoma City. They are one of those records that you don’t need a special license to access.

However, extracting needed information from Public records isn’t as easy for an individual as it is for a private investigator in OKC.

A private investigator in Oklahoma knows how to filter the records to get information that is essential to his investigation without wasting time or going through the whole records. This attribute is one of the things that sets a private investigator in Oklahoma City far apart from you.

You can access the same Public record with a private detective, but the information you’ll obtain will most likely be less efficient than that of a private investigator. This is why you can’t undermine the service of a private investigator OKC.

Importance of Public Records to Private Investigations in OKC

Access to Public records is to private investigators what unique visual prowess in the dark is to Cats. It is the spotlight that gives them a sense of direction during investigations. Most top private investigation agencies OKC boasts private investigators Oklahoma that can put access to Public records to good use.

Public records are usually the first point for gathering information for most private investigators under Keefe Private Investigators (KPI) – a reputable private investigator agency Oklahoma.

They give private investigator Edmond Oklahoma, private investigator Enid Oklahoma, and other private investigators in Oklahoma City the base upon which their subsequent investigations are built.

Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers (OJPS) and Oklahoma Statewide Private Investigators also hold Public records in high regard. There’s always a small clue that leads to a bigger one in every Public record you access.

Types of Information Contained in Public Records

As mentioned earlier, there are different types of public records, each containing a unique set of information. The type of case a private investigator Oklahoma is working on determines which type of public record to access.

In the case of skip tracing, immigration records, real estate records, to get the latest contact address and phone numbers becomes a priority. Criminal background checks may involve accessing prison records, court files, etc.

Insurance claims verification may warrant a private investigator in Oklahoma City to look into your hospital records. All these make up the information you can get from public records.

Be it the latest contact information, criminal records, marriage history, or health records. You can always find something of relevance in Public records.

Things that Can Prohibit a Private Investigator from Accessing Public Records

While Public records are accessible to everyone, certain things can prohibit a private investigator from accessing the records. They include:

  • Blacklisting – Sometimes, a private investigator Norman Oklahoma may be blacklisted from the list of people accessing certain public databases.

This can be due to the unethical use of information gathered from the records. Any professional private investigator OKC, whether individual or belonging to a reputable private investigator agency in Oklahoma, must protect the dignity of the profession by always avoiding using gathered information for unethical purposes.

  • Location Restriction – Sometimes, public records are only accessible to individuals within that city. In this situation, a private investigator agency in Oklahoma City may not be able to access any public records in Texas.

They may have to seek the help or consent of appropriate authorities in the intended State. While this is such a rare scenario, it could be a stumbling block for a private investigator’s investigation.

  • Code of Conduct – A private investigator in Oklahoma, may not access any public records if the code of conduct of the private investigation agency Oklahoma he belongs to says so.

Some private investigator agencies prefer private databases to public records, and their modus operandi boycotts accessing public records. It’s another rare scenario whereby a private investigator can’t access public records.

  • Discreetness – A record for individuals who accessed any public records is another public record itself.

Thus, a private investigator Oklahoma may choose not to access a public record to avoid his investigation getting noticed.

It’s usually the case when you’re dealing with criminal cases, especially those that can easily evade the law.

While everyone, including a private investigator, can access public records, the factors above may be a stumbling block.

Hence, you must consider these factors before hiring a private investigator to help you carry out investigations that may require accessing public records.

Nevertheless, there are always alternatives for any private investigator OKC to explore, including private databases that are not generally accessible to everyone.

Private investigators explore every source of information, and there’s rarely anyone they can’t access with a functioning license.

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