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A Private Investigator in OKC’s Investigative Perspective: Methods Which Cheating Spouses Employ to Stray on a Partner

Which Cheating Spouses Employ to Stray on a Partner

Dealing with a cheating partner can be a very emotional and traumatic experience. It’s always advisable to hire a private investigator in OKC to confirm your suspicions to avoid worsening the situation due to uncontrollable emotions.

A private investigator in Oklahoma City must have handled many infidelity cases, knowing the common patterns cheating spouses use to stray from their partners. This helps make private investigator OKC investigation easier and short. It also saves you from emotional stress that may occur if the investigation lingers.

Your suspicion must be based on strong indicators before contacting a private investigator in Oklahoma for an infidelity investigation. Also, the private detective must ensure they remain discreet with the work until enough evidence is gathered, if any exists.

This is because in a case where the suspected partner is aware of the investigation and comes out clean of the accusation, the lack of trust may break the relationship.

To avoid such a terrible situation, you should know the major signs of cheating and ensure they’re being strongly exhibited before confirming your suspicions through a private investigator Edmond Oklahoma.

Here are some of the common signs of a cheating spouse:

  • Reduced intimacy — Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers a leading process server company and private investigation agency Oklahoma, identifies sudden change in the level of attention and affection as  a strong indicator of cheating.

Especially if you’ve established that it’s not due to a situation at work or a personal life struggle. Reduction in talk time, alone time, calls, pleasuring activities, etc., may mean your partner is now getting them elsewhere.

  • Sudden change in work routine: This is one of the oldest and most common indicators of cheating. 95% of the time, a private investigator in Norman, Oklahoma, has found spouses who claim there’s a change in work pattern guilty of cheating. Unannounced business travels and conferences and unexplained extra work hours are strong cheating signs.
  • Suspicious use of social media — The internet has made everything easier. Unfortunately, everything includes the good, bad, and ugly. Hence, exchanging flirtatious chats and fixing a sexual rendezvous with someone other than your partner becomes easier.

Spouses that engage in this act always clear their chat and browser history and can’t comfortably use social media around their partner. It’s another sign that can raise suspicions. But it’s enough basis to conclude, until a private investigator confirms it.

  • Sudden change in phone habit: If your partner suddenly stops allowing you to touch their phones or gets paranoid when you attempt to, there must be something fishy going down. Also, leaving your side before receiving certain calls is another phone habit that may indicate cheating. These are some of the questions a private investigator Edmond Oklahoma would ask, before commencing proper investigation.
  • Strange cologne smell — While hugging is a normal way of greeting, it’s not done long enough to leave people’s scents on you.

Hence if your partner is always eager to go to shower after returning, to remove the strange smell on them, you may want to get suspicious. Top private investigation agency Oklahoma has noticed this patten repeatedly during investigations.

If the strange cologne smell remains the same every time, you may want to call a private investigator in Edmond, Oklahoma, immediately.

Even after seeing these signs in your partner, you can still strongly rely on your intuition when taking the next step.

How a Private Investigator Oklahoma Investigates Infidelity Case

Private investigator agencies in Oklahoma City have a streamlined approach for Oklahoma private investigators to carry out infidelity investigations.

Private investigators in Oklahoma belonging to any top private investigator agency Oklahoma city follow these steps to get undeniable evidence.

Dr. Keefe’s Keefe Private Investigators utilizes the approach for Oklahoma Statewide Private Investigation. It’s a three-step method that involves the full cooperation of the suspecting spouse.

Below are the steps:

  • Meeting with the client — A private investigator Oklahoma must first meet with the suspecting spouse to go over some details and gather the information that can aid the investigation.

These questions may surround the partner’s daily routine, hobbies, and other relevant information. The private investigator OKC must employ strong emotional intelligence to ensure the meeting isn’t too traumatizing for the client.

He should make do with the information they willingly provide and shouldn’t probe further.

  • Surveillance — Investigating infidelity with surveillance is straightforward. This technique is the go-to for any PI, so a private investigator OKC can utilize it to gather evidence.

Surveillance may include stakeout, authorized vehicle tracking, bugging, subtle pictorial and visual recordings (in permissible areas), etc.

All these can serve as concrete evidence to prove the partner’s infidelity. A private investigator in Oklahoma City must ensure that the evidence he gathered is concrete and not merely suggestive. It’s also vital that they remain valid under the law.

  • Presenting evidence to client — After successful collections of evidence, the private investigator Oklahoma can then present the indisputable proofs to the client. These proofs can be used as a backup for settlements during divorce proceedings. The partner can also choose to overlook but have the cheating spouse own up to the misdeed using the gathered evidence.

Popular Methods/Strategies Cheating Spouses Employ to Stray on Partners

Oklahoma private investigators have handled different infidelity cases, coming across various strategies by cheating partners. Below are the top ones:

  • False business trips — Hiding under work-related travels or business trips is one of the most common cheating strategies a private investigator in Oklahoma faces. This case is usually investigated using authorized vehicle tracking, legal stalking, and other applicable surveillance techniques.
  • Family ties pretense — Oklahoma private investigators believe that most times, your infidel partner may have introduced their mistress/lover to you as a family member.

It’s usually a common occurrence in most cheating cases, and this is always done as a cover to put the unsuspecting partner off-trail if she gets suspicious.

  • Office romance — The major indicator of this cheating strategy is a sudden change in work routine. Giving excuses of extra work to stay over at the office, coming home late, and getting calls at odd hours are also things to note.

On-site visitation, subtle interrogation of co-workers, and surveillance are the methods most private investigators Oklahoma use to gather evidence in such cases.


Cheating spouses use various methods to avoid getting caught, and dealing with this

can be quite challenging. If you need to confirm your suspicions, it’s advisable to use a private investigator in Oklahoma City. They help you gather evidence without any emotional stress, and you can have the clarity to utilize the evidence as you wish.

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