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Important Facts About Process Serving

What Is Process Serving?

Process serving, otherwise known as “serving of process,” is the legal process that demands courts and other tribunals to inform all parties. It is a procedure by which a party to a lawsuit provides appropriate notice of initial legal action on another party which could be an individual, corporate body, or even the government.

A process server in Oklahoma City can enforce jurisdiction over that person and force that person to respond to the proceeding before the court, body, or another tribunal. Same applies to the process server in Tulsa, oklahoma.

Who is an Oklahoma Process Server

An OKC process server is a professional hired to deliver or “serve” legal notices and court documents to parties or their legal representatives involved in legal action.

A process server in Oklahoma is a neutral party authorized by the courts to serve civil processes on other people, businesses, and government entities. They must be licensed and adhere to the Oklahoma City Rules of Civil Procedure. Some process servers are only authorized to serve in a few counties, while others may serve papers throughout the state. The official legal title of a Tulsa Oklahoma process server is “officer of the court.

What are the Documents That can be served?

An Oklahoma city process server often serves documents related to smalI Claims actions, such as a Plaintiff’s Claim or Statement of Claim. Still, they also serve files and documents related to Family Court and Civil Court actions and many other legal matters. A few documents delivered by an Oklahoma judicial process server (OJPS) includes:

  • Documents about custody
  • Papers for a visitation
  • Documents related to divorce
  • Documents related to foreclosures
  • Notices of eviction
  • Forms for Tenancy Termination
  • Documents for both rented and owned properties
  • Levy on banks
  • Notification of Action
  • Motion to be Heard
  • Examination Notice
  • Statements of Income
  • Notice of a Conference
  • Information of Defense for a Third-Party Claim
  • A claim of the Defendant
  • Counterclaim
  • Subpoenas, Judgments
  • Complaints and summonses.

What are the Methods of service used in Process Serving

The service method refers to the technique by which a process server in OKC delivers a document to the opposite party (Defendant or respondent in legal action).

Different Methods includes :

  • Personal Services: This involves handling the document by an Oklahoma judicial process server personally to an individual, business entity, or governmental organization being served. Suppose the individual refuses to take the document. In that case, it can be dropped at his feet as long as the identity of the Defendant or respondent has been confirmed.
  • Service by Mail: This involves using certified mail to convey documents to another party. The individual receiving the documents must sign them, and most courts demand a return receipt. A judge may decide that no signature is required in specific limited instances, saying that a person or business that has mailed the documents via certified mail is sufficient.
  • Substitute Service: If personal service or an alternative to personal service is not achievable, a motion for substituted service can be filed with the court to request authorization from a judge to serve the documents differently. This may be essential if the individual has moved and cannot be found or is attempting to avoid being served on purpose. The Oklahoma judicial process server may deliver the document to someone close to the filled party. This requires that the person receiving the document reside with the party being served.
  • Posting: This involves posting the document to where the receiving party can see them. In most situations, the Oklahoma process server must also send the paperwork out by certified mail as soon as feasible in many areas.
  • Service by Publication: This is frequently employed as a last option and is only permitted when a judge specifically allows it. When an Oklahoma process server and their client have made reasonable faith efforts to serve someone, and they are doing all necessary to evade service, etc., this is usually tolerated, if at all.

How does a Process Server Find Someone?

While a client might provide the information needed to help quickly locate an individual, this is not always the case. In some cases, the location of the individual to whom the process is intended is unknown. This prompts an Oklahoma process server to use various methods, which include:

Skip tracing: Skip tracing is a standard method used to locate a person whose location is unknown. It may be used to find a person’s whereabouts for many reasons.

Process servers in Oklahoma and abroad may look for social media sites, public documents, utilities, public records reports, and various other things. Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers (OJPS) employ many process servers that are also licensed as private detectives. Thus, we make our upgraded skip tracing services available to you to assist you in locating an elusive individual.

Why should you Hire An Oklahoma Judicial Process Server?

Although someone above 18 could perhaps serve documents, it is essential to hire a professional Oklahoma process server to ensure that the papers are served correctly and by provincial rules and guidelines, ensuring that the courts recognize the service.

Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers are true professionals, irrespective of the location, or mean employ which can be process servers in Enid Oklahoma, process servers in Edmond Oklahoma, process servers in Ardmore, Oklahoma, a process server in Lawton, Oklahoma, and even process servers in Altus Oklahoma; they will go above and beyond to guarantee that every effort is taken to serve the person, corporation, or government organization as quickly as feasible.

In addition, Oklahoma judicial process servers are professionals familiar with legal processes and practices, which helps in ensuring proper legal procedures.

Oklahoma city process servers are well vast on research skills needed to locate hard-to-find individuals. In addition, Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers employ innovative and successful strategies targeted to your specific scenario.


Providing service is a critical legal activity that requires courts and other tribunals to inform all parties of the pending legal proceedings. having assessed to one is critical and one can make use of the services provided by process server Broken Arrow Oklahoma

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