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How a Process Server in Norman, OK at a Private Investigation Agency in Lawton

Truck Drivers, Migratory Persons, and Con Artists

How a Process Server in Norman, OK at a Private Investigation Agency in Lawton, Oklahoma Can Find and Serve Elusive Defendants: Truck Drivers, Migratory Persons, and Con Artists

Process servers Oklahoma City has a list of job responsibilities. But primarily, the job of a process server involves serving papers and notifying individuals about legal proceedings that may be impeding.

Without the help of process servers OKC, elusive defendants like truck drivers, migratory persons, and con artists would get judgments placed against them without being informed. This means that these people would get sued without any warning at all. Process servers in Oklahoma act as private investigators that ensure the due process rights of elusive defendants is not being violated.

However, there is a lot of misconception regarding the role of an OKC process server. For instance, truck drivers may try to avoid and run away from process servers in Oklahoma City.

Keep reading to explore why and learn more about how you, as a process server, OK, can take up the role of a private detective in Oklahoma City to find elusive defendants, including migrants, con artists and truck drivers, etc. The advice will help you tackle a fair amount of challenges that process servers in Oklahoma are bound to face.

Why Do Elusive Defendants Avoid Getting Served and Why Process Servers are Important?

Process servers OKC including process servers Lawton Oklahoma and process servers Norman, have a wide range of duties to perform. However, they mostly act as private investigators in Oklahoma City to find and serve people that have been accused of a judgment.

In the US, individuals have a right to be informed about any accusations against them, along with the legal actions that may be taken. It is important to do so promptly so that defendants have sufficient time to build their defense system. And this is exactly what process servers Oklahoma from private investigation agencies OKC do.

This process of informing the accused persons includes delivering papers that contain details of why they must appear in court. Handing down these papers to elusive defendants like truck drivers is referred to as being ‘served’ in the legal language.

Private investigation agencies in Oklahoma City send process servers to find and serve the people being sued. Process servers in Oklahoma are skilled professionals who conduct private investigations to track down these evasive parties.

Process servers OK are important as these parties with legal accusations against them often try to avoid being served. Although merely a misconception, they believe staying on the move can help them avoid the situation altogether.

This makes them difficult to find for completing legal processes. Finding people who are hiding away (known as elusive defendants) requires skipping tracing. OKC process servers perform skip tracing that involves finding these people and delivering legal documents.

Regardless of who the elusive defendant is and why they may want to due the legal process, a process server must perform their duties well. Here is how process servers in Oklahoma City can find and serve elusive defendants.

1. Be Resourceful

OKC Process Servers are resourceful individuals from private investigation agencies in Oklahoma City. This means that they are capable of adjusting to variables like presentation, location, and identity when it comes to serving legal papers.

Here is one example of how the resources of a process server in Oklahoma can help them make adjustments.

A process server in Oklahoma may assume the role of a flower delivery person for a special event like an anniversary or birthday. Resourceful private investigators, Norman, Oklahoma, can claim that the flowers must be handed over to the elusive defendant personally.

When the OKC process server finally encounters the person being sued, they can hand over the legal documents along with the flowers.

2. Use Research and Technology

OKC Process Servers are responsible for ensuring that elusive defendants get served as quickly as possible. This suggests that they must be highly efficient when skip tracing.

Elusive parties like truck drivers, migrant persons, and con artists are typically quite hard to serve, making it important for process servers in Oklahoma to make use of technology. Using technology that helps with skip tracing can make the assignment much easier and faster.

For instance, skip tracing technologies can help process servers in Oklahoma City by locating evasive parties that may be avoiding service by moving out of state.

Not to mention, private investigators OKC can also simply use technology to send over the legal documents to parties that refuse to take them in hand.

3. Be Creative

Some elusive defendants can be extremely hard to tackle, posing several challenges. To deal with these challenging individuals, an OKC process server must get creative. Combine your use of technology and resources with creativity to establish a good address for service.

Establishing a god address may involve different tactics like finding information about an accused individual through neighbors and locals. They may be able to provide private investigators in Oklahoma City with important details like where the defendant lives when they’re available at home and where they go regularly.

Here is an example of what a creative process server OKC can do:

A private investigator in Oklahoma can pretend to be a delivery person who wants to deliver a package for the defendant. They will carry a package and approach a house to ask for the defendant. They can simply knock on a door and say, ‘I have a package for (insert name).”

In response, the neighbor may be able to tell the OKC process server where the evasive party lives. After finding details about their residence through trace skipping in the neighborhood, they can ask questions like ‘Do you think I will be able to find (insert name) at home right now so I can deliver the package?’ for further information.

This way, process servers in Oklahoma can create a helpful guide for finding the elusive defendant and serving them.


As you may be able to tell now, OKC process servers play a big role in finding and serving individuals with legal accusations against them. These private investigators use skip tracing to ensure that defendants get enough time to build their defense system.

Are you looking to hire a process server in Oklahoma City? If yes, then Keefe Private Investigation Agency can help.

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